Guggul helps in lowering high cholesterol?

I'm familiar with the dangers of statin drugs; my mom had severe adverse
reactions to them.

Currently, I've been told that my LDL of 135 and my HDL of 38 puts me at
risk. Over the last year, by changing my diet to limit TOO MANY carbs (I'm
not an Adkins (sp?) follower), I've lost 40 pounds. (You see, I've

been very active: cycling 10+ miles/day, yoga, and strength training...but
I love to eat...ha) My question: I'm taking Guggul and Reishi every other
day, a.m. and p.m.

Are these supplements dangerous...from what I've read, they are not. Of
course, Sloan-Kettering poo-poohs both.
Sorry for the stream of consciousness style of writing, but I wanted you to
see my background and my question.

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From what I understand, guggul is *not* a nutrient
(not essential to life) but guggul is a phytochemical. Some phytochemicals,
such as guggul, enhance our health. With anything, if taken beyond the
recommended dosage, can become unhealthy, causing a chemical imbalance. I
haven't heard of anyone dying from guggul. Because it's natural, our
body will eject the dangerous levels in forms of urine or excrement.

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