Seeing colors in shower

Since I'm a teenage, especially when I shower, I close my eyes and see a sphere, green, intense green, which becomes a ring. As long as I'm concentrated in it, it stays. What does it mean? Any suggestions?

I'm doing some exercises that make all my body vibrate as one of the sounds I heard in your youtube video. It's not a sound in my years, it's a vibration in me. Also in the same youtube video, you show the kind of spheres that I see. The vibration works as a resetting tool for me. I feel almost like fainting, or maybe just like not-thinking. What does this mean?

I tend to see in me and in others, not all the time but mainly each time I focus on what I see, a small cover of light, that varies a little bit in some people. I can also see it in animals and trees, and something very similar in non-living objects. My vision is healthy, so I still need to know more about this. Any clues?

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This may come across funny. But i think your seeing people auras perhaps?. Try focusing on people when they are angry see if the colour changes.

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I couldn't really tell you what you're experiencing. It sounds interesting though.

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