How I could find out my metobolic type?

I live in Orange County California. Thanks!


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"One man's meat is another man's poison."

Eat according to your metabolic type and you will be free from cravings, reach your body’s desired weight, be disease free and feel happier and more energised.

Just as we are all different on the outside we are also different on the inside. Ever wondered why your friend can eat one food but when you eat the same food it has horrible consequences. This is because we are all programmed with a particular metabolic type, what is good for one can be terribly bad for another.

What is my metabolic type?
Over thousands of years of evolution people in different parts of the world have developed different nutritional requirements based on their environment. For example regions that are hot and humid tend to survive on a diet rich in carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables and grains, whereas, people from cold, harsh regions tend to eat heavier foods containing more fat and protein.

Both types of people were fit and healthy on their own diet but should one try to survive on the others diet then disease was never far away. The same is true today, if we are eating incorrectly for our metabolic type then we are prone to disease, weight gain and much more. Over the years through travel and inter breeding it has become considerably harder to distinguish our metabolic type and even if we could this is not enough, current environment and lifestyles also play a part in metabolic typing.

Do not worry, help is at hand, we can still determine what our metabolic type is through a series of in depth questions. Once established and eating according to your metabolic type the results are nothing short of amazing, disease can be eradicated from the source, cravings vanish, you revert to your body’s natural weight, and you are more energized than ever before. There is no need for dieting and often you can eat foods that you always believed were bad for you.

So how do I find out my metabolic type?
Your metabolic type is determined by an online and very comprehensive questionnaire that analyses 9 different fundamental homeostatic control systems (FHC) in order to determine your metabolic type.

Package 1 - find out your type
Price £150
Questionnaire & results report about your metabolic type via email
An Eating Plan specific for your Metabolic Type
300 foods listed on one sheet of paper, colour-coded for ideal, neutral, caution and avoid.
8 weeks support via email
Weekly recipes & information via email
This is a totally remote way of finding out and organising your eating habits all via email.

Package 2 - kick start
Price £235
Initial Consultation (London only) & Questionnaire results
An Eating Plan specific for your Metabolic Type
300 foods listed on one sheet of paper, colour-coded for ideal, neutral, caution and avoid.
8 weeks support via email
Weekly recipes & information via email
This package has the added bonus of meeting with Hannah, our metabolic typing advisor, for a consultation and to discuss your results in person.

Package 3 - new life
Price £340
Initial Consultation (London only) & Questionnaire results
Follow up consultation
Exercise & postural assessment (diet effects posture)
An Eating Plan specific for your Metabolic Type
300 foods listed on one sheet of paper, colour-coded for ideal, neutral, caution and avoid.
8 weeks support via email
Weekly recipes & information via email
This is our premium package and involves a strong support system to ensure your eating habits are spot on.

To get started immediately on any of these packages or further information please contact

Metabolic type testing will help determine the ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats that are best for you. Based on the results, it will be easier to determine how you should be eating to stay healthy and lose excess weight. The two ways to determine metabolic type are through a blood test or with a questionnaire. This article will focus on the latter and how to analyze the results.

Step1Answer the following questions, truthfully. It may be easier to answer after paying attention to how you react to certain foods for 3 or 4 days.
Step2Determine how many times you eat during the day. If you eat two or three meals, mark A, three meals with one light snack mark B, and three meals with constant snacking mark C.
Step3Note your appetite at lunch. If it is strong mark C, normal mark B and light mark A. Identify how hungry you are at dinner. If your appetite is light mark A, normal mark B, and strong mark C.
Step4Check what kind of food you eat for breakfast. If you skip breakfast mark A, if you eat something like fruit, toast or cereal, mark B, and if you eat a heavy breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon and hash browns mark C.
Step5Recognize the foods you choose to eat at a buffet. If you select light meats like fish and chicken, veggies, salad, and desserts, mark A. Heavy, fatty foods like steak, pork chops, cheese and cream sauces, mark C, and if you combine both mark B.
Step6Consider your attitude towards food. If you tend to forget to eat mark A, if you enjoy food and almost never forget to eat mark B, and if food is the center of your life mark C. Look at your portions, the amount of food consumed, when you eat. If they are small mark A, average mark B, and large or more than most people mark C.
Step7Notice what causes you to gain weight. If fatty foods do this mark A, if fruits, breads or sweets are the reason mark C, if no particular type of food causes you to gain weight, and only overeating causes weight gain mark B. Take note if your body is more prone to constipation or diarrhea. If you are prone to constipation mark A, diarrhea mark B, and if you have no stomach problems mark B.
Evaluate the Metabolic Type Test Results
Step1Compare how many A, B and Cs you have marked down from the questions given in the metabolic test. The answers will help determine your metabolic type.
Step2Determine your metabolic type based on number of As you have written down from the test. If you have more As than Bs or Cs, you are a slow oxidizer.
Step3Calculate how many Cs you have. If you have more Cs than As or Bs, you are a fast oxidizer.
Step4Check your B results from the metabolic type test. If you have more Bs than As or Cs or if you have an equal number of As, Bs and Cs you are a balanced oxidizer.
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MIHealthCoach said

Part of the danger of living in our breakneck culture is that most of us have long lost the ability to connect the dots of how we feel with respect to what foods we actually eat.

Most of us tend to exchange convenience for health when it comes to food selection, and simply fail to appreciate the concept of food as fuel -- and how to give your body the type of fuel it was designed to thrive on. Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming you, as I have been there and done that. I have journeyed for many years through my own process of discovery, to learn how to connect these dots.

What I learned is that there is no perfect diet for everyone. We are all created with our unique experiences and genetics that will ultimately dictate what is the best food for us to eat.

The practical challenge of course is to discover what those foods are. Do you really want to be wasting your time, money and energy choosing foods that are "supposed" to be good for you but in reality are making you sick?

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