What method does Scientology use to treat drug addiction?

Ron L. Hubbard had a method of detoxing the body of drug residues. He wrote a book on it. It could be used on cocaine, heroin, meth, lsd and other hard drugs.

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It was confirmed that when a person takes drugs before doing some SCientology counsling, it could affect his progress, beacuse those the cells record and still have those toxic moments in it. The body cells maybe not intoxicated because of the drugs, but the damage that they had during those moments are still there.

When a person is doing some Scientology counsling and is taking drugs (for example) those mental moments when he was taking drugs can connect and inhibits the person to recall, that is why it is necessary to do some detoxification.

Now, how do you take out all the trash from the cell, so that it will be clean? Well, that is simple, but it is not enough.

The tricky thing here is the following:

The cell recalls every moment of damage. Even if you let the cell split (a generation), all the following generations (cell split) will have that same moment of damage in its memeory, you see? So taking the trash out of a cell, it is easy, but how do you "treat" a cell so that it will be no longer "upset" with the past damage, so that it will not affect it anymore?

Hubbard discovered the effects of a Vitamin that can take the cell and make it return to the past-damagemoments and make the "past-damage" go away.

Not much of Hubbards work was dedicated to this, it was onley neccesary to know and applied beacue there will be some cases that will not get better without a trully detoxification.

I actually think there are 3 books and 3 congresses about this subject.

Many media say some stupid stuff about Scientology, for example, that we think aliens attacked us and we need to clean our body, or somethings like that.

J. Santos

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