Has anyone used SunRider whole food supplements or know anything about the company?

I've heard good things about them but they're also a multi-level marketing company (MLM).

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Unlike herbal medicines, which work in a similar way to prescription drugs, Sunrider herbal foods nourish the body with balanced nutrition, allowing the body to heal itself (as well as maintain good health).

Sunrider's NuPlus is a complete, balanced meal, so in addition to vitamins and minerals, it contains the proper blend of protein, carbs and fats as well. For those wanting to lose weight, Vitashake has the same appeal with added benefits.

Many people take a nutritional supplement and find themselves eating unhealthy meals. With NuPlus or Vitashake, a person does not have to fret over what to eat. This is one of the things I love about their products.

In addition, there are a few things that set Sunrider apart from the rest. First of all, the plants are organically grown on high Chinese mountaintops containing enriched soil. Dr. Chen, the president of the company, actually rents the skies above these areas in order to prevent planes from flying over and contaminating the plants. Upon harvesting, the plants are checked very carefully, and half of them are actually discarded due to acid rain.

Additionally, each batch is washed three times to ensure there are no bugs. Because of this, Sunrider's herbs are the only ones brought into the US which are not required to be fumigated by the USDA.

Although there has been much controversy in the media in connection with products from China, Sunrider is a company that has earned my trust... and my respect as well.

The plants are processed in Asia and then brought to the company headquarters near Los Angeles. It is the best general nutrition I know of, and people who take their products feel great.

Nurse Olivia

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They are a huge company. They don't let planes fly over their crops and discard most of their crops because of environmental toxins.


Sunrider Philosophy

The Sunrider philosophy does not concentrate on particular ailments, treatments, or cures. Cures and treatments belong to the medical profession. The Sunrider philosophy is more concerned with fortifying the body against the constant barrage of negative outside influences.

As people gain an understanding of the unique nutritional nature of the Sunrider products, they can take the necessary steps to provide their bodies with the nutrition and fortification that is needed to remain healthy.

The body is designed to obtain its nutrition from Whole Foods.

The ancient Chinese believed that all disease was from malnutrition. Isolated chemical supplements and medicinal herbs can cause weakness and imbalance in the body, while Sunrider herb food concentrates encourage harmony and balance! Sunrider food grade formulas are based on an ancient approach to health that pre-dates modern Chinese medicine.

When the human body is nourished with Sunrider concentrated, system-specific, food-grade formulas, regeneration can occur at the cellular level! When the cells have the fuel to regenerate, the human body can begin the process of healing naturally!

I hope you will take a closer look at Sunrider for your health and financial freedom!

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