[Research proves natural growth hormone to be powerful anti-aging weapon that helps reduce body fat, increase energy and much more].

Can GH help you turn back time? Studies point to benefits that include fat loss, increased energy, lean muscle development, better sleep, improved sexual performance, more youthful skin and more.

For some time, science and technology have sought to turn back the clock and reduce -- or even eliminate -- the negative effects of aging. But is it really possible to successfully fight unwanted signs of aging such as cellulite and weight gain, lower energy levels -- even memory loss and wrinkles?

Increasingly, researchers are saying, "Yes," to that question -- and some of the most promising results have been found in the study of human growth hormone (GH), the regulator of almost every hormone (progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, etc.) in the human body.
What is GH?

The human body naturally produces GH in abundance until the age of 21. Unfortunately, our natural GH levels fall about 14% per decade until production is reduced in half by age 60. A number of studies indicate that replenishing this critical hormone can actually help restore many youthful characteristics that were once thought to be out of reach for aging men and woman.

After more than 15,000 growth hormone replacement therapy studies in the last 60 years, maintaining optimum levels of GH has been found to: increase energy; promote weight loss and lean muscle without exercise; enhance sexuality; elevate mood and reduce depression; improve sleep, vision and memory; reduce high blood pressure and improve cardiac output; improve cholesterol profile; improve skin and appearance; restore natural hair color and restore hair growth.

A recent study (Rudman, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society) reported that people who took GH achieved an average of 14.4% loss of body fat and an 8.8% increase in lean body mass (muscle) without exercise over a six-month period, After his studies, Dr. Daniel Rudman, M.D., concluded: "The effects of six months of GH on lean body mass and fatty tissue were equivalent in magnitude to the changes incurred during 10-20 years of aging."

Edmond Chein, MD, and L. Cas Terry, PhD, tested over 800 individuals and reported in their 1995 study that GH has substantial benefits and no side effects.
What GH Can Do?

Consistent use of GH is believed to stimulate the natural process in the human system in which the pituitary gland resumes secretion of Growth Hormone at levels which occurred during youth, regulating the entire endocrine system, including modulation of hormones, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Researchers have determined that six or more months of human growth hormone replacement therapy can produce impressive results that include:

1. Reduction of Cellulite and Fat
2. Increased Stamina and Vitality
3. Improvement in Sleep
4. Wrinkle Reduction and Smoothing
5. Increased Muscle Mass without Exercise
6. Improved Exercise Performance and Tolerance
7. Enhanced Immune System
8. Increased Sexual Drive and Performance
9. Improved Memory
10. Strengthening of Bones

Users of human growth hormone replacement therapy enthusiastically report that they feel younger, more alive and vital than they ever have before.
But is it available -- or affordable?

Until recently, although GH has been a promising anti-aging weapon, it has not been easily accessible for most people. Due to high costs previously associated with human growth hormone, only the medical profession and the wealthy have commonly taken advantage of the power of GH. (Not surprisingly, it has become an anti-aging secret of numerous celebrities.)

Today, however, technological developments have overcome the prohibitive cost factor. Now, a monthly supply of growth hormone replacement costs less than $100, about one-twentieth the price of traditionally injected GH, which can cost anywhere from $1200 to $5000 dollars per month.

In the past, delivery of GH into the body was another formidable challenge: the large HGH molecule could once only be effectively administered through injections. However, recent technology has overcome this obstacle as well, making growth hormone replacement therapy available in effective oral spray form.
The New GH Solution: Natural Oral Spray Delivery

In 1991, Dr. Robert Lawrence, PhD, Biomedical Engineering; PhD, Nuclear Physics; MS, Microbiology; MS, Computer Science and world-renowned polymer physicist, developed an oral delivery system for GH. He was later named Chief Science Officer of the $2.8 million dollar project initiated by Bushard Pharmaceuticals. Lawrence developed a unique vegetable-based enzyme polymer, which allowed a large molecule such as growth hormone to be absorbed via the oral mucosa.

Between 1991 and 1997, thousands of scientific studies were conducted in five major U.S. cities by Bushard Pharmaceuticals medical team under the supervision of Dr. Lawrence. These studies verified the validity of the new oral application of GH.

Tested were people between the ages of 31 and 89 with average to fair health conditions. Protocols for the studies included: fasting from all nutritional vitamins and supplements two weeks prior to study, IRB Study Protocols, IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor, type 1), HDL and LDL levels prior to and during all testing and S.M.A.C. test (liver enzymes and kidney enzymes). Levels of the above tests were conducted every 30 days to determine the efficacy of the new oral spray application.

The results were astounding -- not only were there no side effects, but test subjects had an average increase in their IGF-1 levels of 30% every 30 days. In 90 days, most of the test subjects had doubled their IGF-1 levels, which represented a measurable improvement in biological age as effective -- or in some cases, more effective -- as had been found with patients taking injections of GH. Cholesterol levels were diminished in over 80% of patients by an average of 14.8%, and triglyceride levels also diminished by 31%. Noted were increases in mental stability, lean muscle mass, energy, libido, skin rejuvenation, and reacquired hair color and density. Also noted were reductions in excess weight, blood pressure and blood sugar.

"Thousands of studies were conducted in major US cities verifying the benefits of the oral spray for people between the ages of 31 and 89 with average to fair health conditions," says Lawrence. "Study participants showed reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels, increase in lean muscle mass, improved energy, enhanced libido, skin rejuvenation, improved mental stability, reductions in excess weight, blood, pressure and blood sugar."

Suggested usage of the GH spray, for the recommended dosage successfully used in research studies, is 3 sprays in your mouth in the morning (2,000 ngs) and 3 sprays at bedtime (2,000 ngs), for a total of 4,000 ng daily.
Selecting the Right GH Solution

While several formulas are currently available, experts caution users to look for a formula that offers a high hormone concentration and effective delivery. For example, Essence human growth hormone replacement therapy oral spray offers twice the strength of other oral GH products on the market, containing 2,000 ng of recombinant growth hormone per dose, the highest concentration of biologically active growth hormone available. It is also completely absorbed into the cells of the oral mucosa and goes directly to the pituitary gland, avoiding inactivation in the digestive process.

Consumers should also look for the vegetable-based polymer developed by Dr. Lawrence rather than a petroleum-based polymer, which is a proven hazard to health and can settle in the lymph glands of the body for a lifetime. Containers of oral GH spray should be amber colored and shrink-wrapped for thorough UV protection, because GH is an extremely volatile molecule that can be damaged very quickly in the presents of sunlight (UV rays).
How Long Does It Take to Work?

Many users report that the effects are instantaneous. GH is considered the "smart hormone" because it first benefits that part of your system most in need of help, repair or rejuvenation. Then it moves to the next area most in need. Feelings of well-being and weight loss may not appear overnight, but as damaged tissue is repaired, users begin to see and feel the youthful effects of a well-balanced hormonal system.

People who have taken GH in an effective oral spray format have reported benefits that include: reduction in fat deposits such as love handles and fat on the thighs and upper arms, improved energy levels and emotional states, a more toned and attractive physique, better focus and concentration ability, overall mood elevation, reduced signs of aging such as wrinkles and thinning hair, an increase in sexual desire, better sleep patterns and even improved health factors such as cholesterol and blood pressure profiles and increased immunity.

With its long list of potential benefits GH will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of the anti-aging research field.


By Marjorie Williams

Marjorie Williams is a freelance medical writer. For more information on human growth hormone replacement therapy, see ad on page 2 or go to www.egh1.com.

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