After a year-long strategic effort to force consumers to accept milk from cows raised with synthetic growth hormone (see our May 2008 issue), Monsanto announced plans to sell off Posilac, its market-leading product, Since 2007, Monsanto has worked behind the scenes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Kansas, Utah, Missouri, Vermont, and Ohio to change milk labeling laws, Those efforts spurred a backlash that resulted in more precise labeling in Pennsylvania and a lawsuit against the Ohio Director of Agriculture. Meanwhile, Wal-Mart, Kroger, and other retailers bowed to pressure from customers and declined to sell house-brand milk from treated cows, and Kraft announced plans to introduce hormone-free cheeses. Monsanto claims the Posilac business is still viable, but that it's focusing on its seed business instead.



Edited by Abigail Poulette

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