Rehmannia and thyroid question

My 14 yr, old daughter's Graves' disease has been in remission for 3 months after 41/2 yrs of meds. She also has enuresis
and we were trying a TCM formula which has a primary ingredient of rehmannia root. It seemed to really help however I read that it is contraindicated in case of Graves' disease. She complained once of heart racing and we stopped after 9 days on the formula. Is there a safe amount to use or would you agree to not use it at all? Any thoughts or suggestions are extremely welcome.

Gayle E.

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Has anyone examined the causes of her symptoms? Write down a list of all her symptoms and examine their causes. After you know what the causes are, you can eliminate them. When the causes are addressed, the symptoms will go away.

 Answer by prokopton

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