The Spiritual View of Reality From The Angelic Council of LIGHT


You Are All That Is

Today is the day to extend your thinking of conscious creation to one of deeper understanding. You have previously thought of creation as something that happens to you from a higher power. Is this true? Yes, in some senses it is. AND it is true that it comes from you.

All That Is has never, not been. You are. You were. You will ever be. Who are you? You are consciousness, a personal extension of consciousness so vast you may never be able to understand it in that world. Consciousness is a knowing of all things.

We speak of your being awake. This is your awareness of your own consciousness. We are not talking about being awake in the human sense of being in the sleep state or awake. We are talking on a greater level of being awake or asleep in your acceptance and awareness that you are one piece of the All.

You exist. That is the first law of creation. There has been a lot of talk about creation and co-creation. What is the difference? Nothing. Creation has always, all ways taken place as a co-creation. Ever since All That Is (God, Allah, or whatever name you call it) split itself into an innumerable number of pieces or souls such as you, you have co-created together. You think a thought, your thought flows as energy, it is “heard” by us (as your guardians in that world) and we arrange for your thought to appear in the physical in the best way we are able so you can see, feel, smell, hear and/or taste it. It is that simple.

Every other system in every other solar system beyond your imaginations, with each and all of their own guardians, do the same thing in their own way. To infinity and beyond; your Buzz Lightyear knew what he was talking about. So, where does this put you? You are the center of your own system of creation. Everything that ever has been in your eternal life has been created by you – with our assistance.

This brings us to who we are. We are the guardians and advisors of your world. We are also All That Is, just as you are. The only difference is that we know it much more clearly than you do. We are more awake than you. You are still, as a world belief, caught up in the belief that you are nothing and God is everything. You believe you are worthless beings that only God can save.

Since you are a piece of God, the consciousness we call All That Is, you can access all the consciousness. The only thing keeping you from experiencing this, from our perspective of total love, is your belief that you are not and cannot. This is what we are helping you change in your world. We are waking you up. We are ringing the bells and telling you that you are as we and we are as All That Is. We are all one.

It is time to let go of all the beliefs that you have been taught to keep you in bondage. It is time to open your eyes and see that you are, and always have been the conscious thought of God. It is now time to open you ears and hear the love that lives in that universe, in that world on your planet called Earth. Listen the birds sing in continuous joy. See the newborn babes of all species upon your world as they love their own. Feel the love in your heart when you feel the joy of love itself. Use your senses to re-mind you of the love you are.

We know you went to that world with lives that have not reflected such love. You went there to let go of all the traumatic experiences that your souls carry from other life experiences (past, future and parallel lives). That is why you chose so many things that seemed difficult in this life. You chose them to see them so you could let them go, once and for all time. You are now in that time.

As you let go of the anger and fear from past experience, you awaken to the remembrance of your true being. If it were not for the trials and tribulations you wrote into your life this time, you would not be able to awaken to our level or higher. WAKE UP. Hear the bells tolling for you to hear. Put aside your past training. Know that your teachers meant well, but did not have all the facts. They taught what was taught to them.

It is now time to fully understand that you are not the sullied, “bad” beings you have been taught that you are. You have lived and are living lifetimes of karmic bonds in this one life so you can let them all go and take one great, giant leap for mankind. You are co-creating this with the world. And because of this, we also get to move. We are waking to a higher version of our realm because we are all one and when you move, we move.

You are becoming your own Earth Angels as we speak. Each one of you who hears the call, who chooses to take the step back into your own birthright as God beings, helps each and every other level of consciousness to raise itself also.

How do you do this? You need to be bold, be brave enough to stand in your own light. Own it. Feel it. Know it is you. When you do this, you will no longer have need for egos that separate and judge. There is no one better or worse than another, just different. You have a fear that to be in your light, your power, that you will have power OVER something else (or someone over you). Not true. True power is not power over anything. It is the power to BE. It is the courage to stand in your own light of All That IS and BE.

When you do this, there will be a feeling of deeper connection with what most of you call God. It is a feeling of love and oneness that fills you with grace. Grace is the feeling of oneness with All That Is. It is loving and kind, although it does not always seem to be loving and kind to you who see it. Love and kindness can appear harsh to those of you who do not like confrontation and want to see only the light and not feel the karmic issues you need to clear. Confrontation does not mean fight. Confrontation simply means standing in your power and being true to it.

When it feels true to stand in your light and refuse to go along with someone who has a different opinion, stand in that light. Be true to yourself. Sometimes standing in your truth means disappointing another. Can you do that? Will you be true to yourself even though you know it will disappoint another, or do you go along to “keep the peace”? We tell you now – that is not peace. That is enabling the other person to stay in the dark.

Owning your own divinity, knowing you are a piece of All That Is, is not for the faint of heart. It takes strength and courage to be who you are because you have been taught that it is not true. You have been taught that it is a lie. You have been taught that to do so will earn you eternity in a burning place called Hell. To overcome and reverse this misconception takes courage in your world.

What you believe is up to you. You co-created this experience with complete free will. You went there to experience duality, right and wrong, light and dark, good and bad. You are now waking from that dream and remembering that you are light, you are good and you are right – without their opposites!

Take what part of this feels good to you. Reject whatever you feel does not fit who you are. Create who you choose to be and live that to the fullest. Our hope for you is that you will feel the truth in these words. You are light. You are goodness itself. You are God Consciousness, living out your life in that world as a human experience.

This all boils down to what you want. What do you want for yourself? What do you want for the experience of your world? Do you want to continue to live in the dark, believe that you are born with sin and badness, or do you want to move into your world with your true essence of light and love shining brightly into the night and awakening others? The choice is yours and it is now time to make that choice.

We are with you always, all ways. We will help you every step of the way. Know that we are here. Feel us walking by your side. Hear us whisper in your ear. Join us in your dreams. Talk with us. We hear your prayers and your dreams. We also hear your beliefs and when you believe you are unworthy, our only course of action is to show you how much (and we really do not like to do that). When you put out ideas and beliefs of your goodness, we bring you love in every way, showing you how much you are loved. We will bring people to you who can and will show you just that. We will bring you to beauty around you to reflect your own beliefs.

Choose. What do you want to experience? What do you want to experience for your world? Let go of the old beliefs that keep you tied to darkness that no longer represents who you truly are. Walk into the light. Feel the love of All That Is in your own heart. Spread that love to all around you and watch the world you live in change to a world you only dreamed possible.

It is with great love, honor and respect that we take our leave this day. Know that you are the light that we see. You are the beauty that we see in you in each and every moment of each and every eternally changing now. You cannot, not be light and love. You can only experience it as such.

Universal Mind

July 3, 2010

What do you think we need to talk about this month? Hmmmmm, let’s see. We believe it is about time to introduce you to the ways of Universal thinking. What is that? It is the thought patterns of the Universe. What you recognize as thinking is so unique to each and every one of you that you believe it is only yours. We are here to give you a different perspective. Mind is something that is so much more expanded than you ever thought possible……….and so much less. What do we mean by that? It means that it depends totally on your perspective of it.

We have showed you how perspective of your world, determines your experience of it. It is the same with mind. Notice that we do not say “your” mind when we say that. When we speak of mind, we speak of the Mind of All That Is. We speak of Mind as a capitalized name. That is because, to us, it is.

If you think of the Universal Mind as the whole of all of you, the thoughts of all of you together, you have a small concept of the idea of Mind. As it is true that it is the combined beliefs and thoughts of every human being in your world, it is also the combined thoughts and beliefs of all life …………. Everywhere ……… Everywhen.

This may help you to begin to see how vast Mind is. And it may help you to see how small your portion of this is. This is not said to make you feel humble, it is said to show you truth. On the one hand it shows you how little you are in the Universe. On the other hand, because everything is connected and every little thing affects every other thing, you have huge influence on the whole.

How does this work? Think of Universal Mind as a covering on an egg, not unlike the skin that you remove after you have hard-boiled an egg. This “skin” surrounds your entire universe and contains each and every thought and belief of everyone within. All you have to do is send out a thought and it immediately enters this skin. Not only does it enter this skin, but it becomes everywhere in that skin at the same moment. If someone is on the opposite side of your world – or your universe – it will be in evidence there at the same time it is with you.

We understand how challenging this is for you to accept. It was not that long ago that humanity thought they were the center of the universe. Now, in this relatively short time, we are asking you to expand that thought to the knowledge that you are not only NOT the center of your universe, but you are but a thought within it.

This is, in reality, exactly what you are. You are a thought within the reality in which you live. This is what reality is. It is part and parcel, the entirety and the minutia of that principle. A great thinker on your world once hypothesized “I think, therefore I am”. This is truth. Then what happened? Thought became physical. How did that happen? Thought became WORD. Thought was given voice, vibration……………..and it became mass. This is a subject for another day, but we put it here to seep into your consciousness.

So very much thought has been given to all things by all of you at some time. For some of you it happens all the time. You get caught up and lost in thought. You send out ideas and try to figure out what they mean. This is what you have though of as mind for eons. It is a minute part of what mind truly is. It is what we call the trap of the individual ego. It is a way of believing you are the center of your own personal universe, just like you at one time believed collectively that you were the center of your global universe.

Mind has many levels, as you can see. On the personal level it can keep you trapped in your own experience of self for lifetimes. It is much like a small child who believes that life is all about him or her self. That is the extent of the universe that they know at that time. As they grow and learn about the things around them, their world grows with that knowledge and understanding. This is what allows them to grow into a world that nurtures and allows for more growth, and so on.

You are now being asked to look beyond your own world that has nurtured your growth process and not only imagine it expanding around you (like an egg around you as an individual = ego), but we would like to show you how to tap into the consciousness that is the skin on the egg of your Universe. You have been as little children within the limits of your small world of experience. It is now time to expand on that experience.

As you imagine the skin on this egg, visualize the skin not only surrounding your physical self (ego) or your world (Earth), but imagine it surrounding your known universe. We will not ask you to go beyond that as yet because you are just beginning to understand that you can move beyond this one. Other expansion will follow in due course.

Sit in a quiet space when you create time for this. Close your eyes and imagine the skin surrounding your personal universe, then expand the skin to surround the celestial Universe, all that you can imagine. If you are willing, expand it even further to the unknown. Allow it to surround all that you know and do not know. This is done as an exercise to see the possibilities you may not have yet imagined.

After you have done this, return your thoughts to your own world of Earth. Surround your beautiful planet with this incredible skin and KNOW that it holds every thought and belief of every living thing on your planet. Imagine your thought merging with all the other thought, beliefs and known wisdom and consciousness you can imagine. Feel what it feels like to merge with all of that.

Think of a friend, relative or acquaintance who is in another physical location in your world. As you sit in quiet and put your focus on this person, feel yourself merging with this skin and feel that person. When you have allowed yourself to do this, you will become adept at feeling the individual nuances within the whole. You will know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you feel that person’s energy as if you are standing beside him/her in the physical. From there you can learn to “speak to” this consciousness as if you were speaking with the physical person beside you.

This is what we mean when we say to “tap into” the skin. When you tap into the consciousness of this field of energy, this skin, you will feel the combined energy of your world. At first it can be disconcerting to feel something you cannot define. There are so many different emotions that are mixed and mingled that you may feel overwhelmed and afraid. Do not allow fear to stop you from feeling your own humanity, for that is what you are feeling as a part of the whole.

It has been your practice, as humans, to take an issue or a problem and think it to death. It has been your belief that if you keep it in the skin surrounding your own personal mind (ego) that you will come up with an answer to the problem. If you think of your own personal mind as the skin around only you, the only place it can go is around and around and back to you as it entered the skin. No solution, save for what you see in your own narrow experience.

On the other hand, if you take an issue or problem and allow your thought to consciously enter the skin surrounding your world, you have the ability and perspective of the world at your disposal…..immediately. Allow your mind to enter the global consciousness and tap into the wisdom of the world. Allow this thought to merge with what your world has learned and take from it what you believe is the highest wisdom available.

Is it possible to take from this base of understanding, solutions that have been tried and had detrimental effect on your world? Yes. You can do that if you choose, but it is, as always, choice and we know that, if you are reading this, you are at a level of consciousness that will gravitate toward solutions and understandings that are for the positive growth and love of your self and your world.

Try this. Play with this. Make time to sit in quiet time and expand your thoughts to merge with this global consciousness. Use it to find answers to problems you have been analyzing to death in your own small circle of limited perspective. Allow your mind to merge with the greater mind of All That Is. Allow your personal perspective of mind to merge with a greater knowing.

From this will come many things. You will find not only answers to the issues you have not been able to find; but, you will find that you are opening your perspective and experience to a new way of life. It is the forerunner to the way you were once, eons ago and are quickly becoming again. What we speak of is intuition. You were once intuitively connected to everyone else. You knew, without words, what your friends needed. Hunters knew what their fellow hunters needed without the need to speak and frighten the game. Feelings were transferred without speech.

Speech has freed you to communicate with many…………..and it has blocked you from communicating with all. Some of the greatest achievements you have created have also had drawbacks that kept you prisoner to the achievement itself. Speech is one of these. While it is rich and wonderful in itself, it is a prison to time, space and physical ability, such as people who are at a distance, speech impaired, hearing impaired, etc. These people have impaired means of communication and find themselves cut off from the world. It does not have to be so.

So, we will leave you today with this thought – Imagine how your world can and will be changed with this simple return to a very old way of being. Your ancestors had these abilities. Many animals never lost this ability and still communicate silently. Many know how their fellows feel by feeling this field, by merging with this “skin” that surrounds each of you, and your world, and your larger universe as well. You can too. You can merge with this field at any level, from personal to global, to Universal, to God……… will……….any time….any place………….

It is with great honor, respect and love that we take our leave this day of your time. Know that you are loved and know that you are love. Know that you are a part of the whole that makes up your world. It is you. AND….it is everyone…………….AND – it is us.

Shifting your Dimensional Experience

May 3, 2010

We have been speaking with you for the first quarter of your year about conscious co-creation. The more important question now is why. Why is it so important that you learn to co-create consciously?

First, there are several things that are happening in your world as we speak. As you know there are a multitude of events that have been happening globally with the world in a physical state. Tectonic plates are moving and shifting. Seismically you are experiencing great buildup and release of energy. Temperature wise, you are experiencing a shift upward. It is getting warmer.

These changes mirror your own changes as a species. You are vibrating faster and that increases your own temperature slightly. This has an effect on the way your bodies react to viruses and bacteria. There is an increase in such things as Lyme disease. These are all related.

You are releasing large amounts of emotional traumas, stored within your bodies. As above, so below. Earth. Human. Earth was lead to its experience of itself as a direct reflection of those upon her. As you change, she changes. As you integrate these changes, she will also. It is up to you how you do this.

You have spent the majority of your lives in the past, blaming others for your own choices. It is now time to own them and take credit for them. You have created your world in your image. You have dumped your collective emotional trauma into her.

Now that you are advancing as a species into a higher version of yourselves, you are holding more light, vibrating to a higher frequency, becoming warmer, AND………….because of this…………….you are no longer able to hold the lower vibration of hate, anger, etc. You can experience them. You can allow yourself to feel them. You will shortly, no longer be able to KEEP them. They are escaping your being without your even being aware they are leaving.

You may be more emotional, crying “at the drop of a hat”. You may be flaring up with anger over things that would not have bothered you before. You may be wondering at the different emotions that you are feeling in such a mix, you feel nothing but confusion. These are all things that are happening as you raise your own vibrations.

You came stumbling into this awareness when you allowed yourselves to feel more love. When you allowed yourselves to see the insanity of war (1960s), you began this wave in this chain of events that you are presently floating upon. You have done this pretty much unconsciously. It is now time to wake up and see where you have been so you know where you choose to go. Make no mistake; you ARE going. HOW you go and where you go is up to you.

Watch the changes in your earth. See the changes that are happening and look deeper into yourself. What part of you is erupting? What part of you is shifting so much that you barely recognize yourself anymore? Who are you? Who would you like to be? What changes would you like for your Earth, your fellow human beings? You are not alone…………AND…………your voice and your choice count! What you do for yourself, you do for everyone. No lie. No exaggeration. It is!

Many of you are experiencing a feeling of disorientation, almost like you have one foot in your world and one somewhere else. You do. This other world is not what you would actually call a world, but an experience of who you are – and it is different from the one you have been experiencing.

A dimension is an experience of your consciousness, decided by the vibration in which you are experiencing it. Let us repeat, it is NOT a place, it is an experience. As you raise your vibration, you begin to reach the borders of the physical world you are experiencing now. As you raise this vibration beyond this level, this octave, you do not go “into” another world, you BECOME the new one.

We understand this is a concept that is difficult for most of you to understand. It’s much like going from one place to another by changing the vibration of where you are to where you are going and simply “being there”. There is no path between here and there because you have not traveled one; you have simply changed from one experience to another. There will be much in the near future that is learned by your scientists of how to use this.

The world you have lived upon for so long is changing. It is changing because you are changing. It is already in motion and the train has left the station. Where would you like the train to go? How fast would you like it to go? These are all things that you have some control over. This is accomplished with your own, individual choices.

The more you allow yourselves to clear out your own emotional debris that is lurking in your bodies, your own DNA, the more clear you become and the more clear you make it for others to do the same thing. When you feel the anger, hurt, sorrow or any of the myriad of feelings you keep prisoner in your own bodies, allow them to float free. You need not know where they came from or how they got there; FEEL what is there (do NOT analyze it) and let it go. Choose to release it from the DNA. Watch it float away and disappear. If you choose to stay attached to it, you may no longer blame anyone or anything else for it. It is yours now by choice. If you do not let it go when you feel it, it is yours by CHOICE. Blame game is over.

There are many things happening in your world of experience. This is the biggest one right now. The age of secrets is over and the age of blame is also. As all of the emotional traumas float free from the denser experience of life, they are coming out in all kinds of chaos. You see it on your news programs, in your newspapers, etc. All the fearful things that have held your world together are exploding in your faces.

What you do with this is up to you. You can look at this loose fear and choose to see it for what it is. It is a way of being that is no longer viable for the vibrations you are holding. You can feel them, but you can no longer hold them for any length of time. Let them go. Give them your blessings, thanks for the wisdom from the lesson, and say goodbye………..with love.

If you find it challenging to let fear go, find a person who is trained in energy work who can help you detach it from the DNA. This is your experience and yours alone. It is attached to everyone else, but it is yours to choose how and what to do with your own experience of it. Everyone else is choosing how and what to do with his/her own.

Because your Earth is experiencing your changes in herself, we ask you to look at this and choose how you would like to see the changes in her occur. If they happen violently in you, you may presume they may happen violently in her. Use this mirror she is holding for you to allow you to see how you are dealing with your own changes. When you see pockets of geological disturbances in your world, understand that they are reflections of pockets of lower vibrational energies trapped in human groups on earth. How do you help? Add more love to your own and visualize it going out to the world and the darker pockets of unconsciousness.

If you don’t like the ground shaking beneath your feet, allow the repressed energy in you to escape peacefully and help others to do the same. If you don’t like to feel the ash choking you as it falls from an erupting volcano, allow the “stuffed” emotional debris in you to escape without eruption.

Who are you? You are the experience of your soul, played out in you. It is an elaborate physical dream of you, surrounded by and with those you chose to play it out with. Why? You chose this to have a platform, a playing field to move and grow as a soul, to release fears and beliefs from alternate life experiences. You are here to re-member who you are. You are a soul, composed of sprit, God-Consciousness, having this physical experience so you can remember that you are the consciousness, not just the physical being. As you clear the debris of misunderstanding of who you believe you are, you reclaim your “Clear Conscience”, the truth of who you are in consciousness.

Again, we know how challenging it is to wrap your minds around this concept. So…………….we are asking you not to. Do NOT wrap your minds around this – or anything. See, feel and touch this with your hearts. Put this in that special place of love within you that knows. There is no need to understand it. Trying to understand something puts it back in your minds and keeps you in a perpetual loop of misunderstanding. It prevents you from finding what you are attempting to find in the first place.

So – in answer to why it is so important to switch from unconscious creation to conscious creation – your lives depend on it. Your world depends on it.

Use your hearts to choose the paths that are the most beneficial for you and what you believe is most beneficial for your world. It is up to you………..and you…………..and you…………………………and you……………

It is with great honor, respect and love that we once again take our leave. Although we are not heard in this way in every one of your moments, know that we are with you in each one. Open your hearts and allow us to speak to you in each breath. Feel us in every thought, with every beat of your heart. Know we are with you.


March 1, 2010

This month we will be bringing you to the next step of our “project” for 2010. We started in January with Conscious Creation and added Detachment last month. This time we will be adding the concept of “perspective”. Without this, nothing is possible.

The reason perspective is so crucial to your evolutionary process from Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous is that you have to create the changes you prefer so you will be where you want to go when you get there. Let us explain.


If you are standing in a field watching a tree, you will see a tree from your own perspective. Being third dimensional, you are able to see width, depth and height. You also see the tree only from one side. You see what is facing you. You cannot see behind the tree or even the sides very clearly. Certainly you cannot see the top if the tree is taller than you.

Imagine 3 other people standing in other fields, one to the left, one to the right and one opposite you. What each of them sees is very different from what you see. If each of you described what you saw there would be no evidence that you were looking at the same tree at all. When described to others, they would not believe it was the same tree.

Just as you see the tree, you see life from your own perspective in everything you do. No two people can see the same things from the same perspective. Besides being colored by the act of seeing, everything is being colored by the emotions that are touched by the experience. The sight, smell, feel, sound and taste alter the experience for everyone.

Why is this so important at this point in our creation? It is because without the diversity of experience, you could not create a rich environment. You could create a world with no depth. You could create a world of trees with only one side.

When you take the four people who see the tree and put their experiences together you begin to get a complete idea of what the tree looks like. You get depth added to the width. You get height from the perspective of four different people that are experiencing the tree from different personal heights. You create a composite of hues and deepen the richness of color.

When you put ten people together, standing at different angles, heights, you create a grander view and version of what is seen.

For a moment, let us expand on this principle and broaden the possibilities. What do you suppose would happen if you created a composite of a town full of people who had seen the same tree? What if this tree stood in a National Park and was seen by millions of people? Imagine how the view of this tree would expand into a multidimensional unit.

We are talking about creating a new world or, to be more precise, a new version of your present one. If you create this from a narrow focus or perspective you will create a narrow focused world. Think how much more wonder-filled it would be to have a world created with a multitude of perspectives.


To begin with, the next time you are looking at an object, think about what you see. If you can’t visually walk around and see what it looks like from all angles, imagine what you believe it would look like. Take in the sound, smell and feel of it. Taste it if that is appropriate. How does it change the object?

To do this you will have to change your awareness of the world around you. Look at it. Really look. Pay attention to all the things that make it what it is. Know that you can and will change it by the observation. All scientists know that the one doing the experiment changes the results of the experiment. This is true of observation.

This is because each person who takes part in an experiment is seeing it from a different perspective. No two can ever be the same and the results will always vary by the person doing the observation. No two can experience any of the five senses of physicality in the same way and cannot see, imagine or interpret the results the same.

So, you now know why perspective is so important. Now we will give you a clue as to how to create with it.

Creation, as you know, is based and determined by the focus you hold as you imagine the object or event you choose to create. It is based on your underlying beliefs and knowledge of the subject. It is also important to know that your beliefs on the subject are greatly influenced by the perspective from which your viewed it.

So, before you ask your mind to concentrate on the subject, create an image of your subject from all the angles you can conjure in your imagination. Do not allow only one perspective of the subject to be in your thoughts when you do this. This will create a very, one-sided, one-dimensional result.

Think about what it is you would like to create. Feel what it feels like in your being to be a part of that creation. Feelings are paramount to the process because it is the energy of the feelings that moves the actual process. Then ask your mind to be an active part of the process. Engage the mind in the imagery it will take to make a complete picture………….including ALL the senses.

Please, please, please, when you do this, use the perspective from all angles possible for you. It is always better to create a whole scenario than a piece of one. Try this often. Play with it. Experiment with it and see what results you create. This is how to create on a personal level using perspective.


Now that you have the basics of perspective in mind, we can add the best part. You do not have to do it all yourself.

For the creation of the 5th Dimensional World, you will be creating globally. When each one of you becomes more and more adept and comfortable with creating on an individual level and getting the results you prefer, it will be time to move on to broader and larger things. By larger and broader we mean global. To do this is can be very daunting to think you have to do this alone.

For this step in the process, imagine that each of you is one person looking at the tree we spoke of. Each of the billions of people in this step are creating this new world in each and every thought. How do you want it to be? What would you like to create? These are the things to keep in mind for this step.

You ask the question………..but what about the people who are out there creating unconsciously? What will they create? The answer to that question is always unanswerable because the energy of intent is in shadow. This is another reason why it is crucial for you to look from all perspectives and do your part consciously. For each of you who create consciously, in this way, you can overcome the unconscious efforts of the others.

Think about what you choose to create. Look at it from all angles and perspectives. Feel what it feels like to imagine this world you are creating. Feel what it would be like to live in that world. Try it on. If it feels good to you, go to the next step; if it does not, go back and look again.

Next, use your mind as a focus tool to see this creation, see it, feel it, touch it, and taste it. Smell it if you can. When you are done with this and this feels comfortable to you, sit back and watch the world. Become aware of the messages coming to you. Does it seem like these changes are happening? If not, repeat the process.

If you change in the process and what you were intent on creating no longer works for you, start over. Use all perspectives, and go until you FEEL what feels best to you. By doing this you add the highest version of yourself that you can be and that is always, all ways the energy that can move the universe into creation the fastest and strongest of all. It is…………..and that’s a fact.

So, we will leave you for this month with this project. First - get used to the feel of creating. Second - practice creating for yourself. See how it works. Observe. Wait for results. Third - start creating consciously for your world. It is you who will put your version of ITS highest abilities into reality. This is so because each and every one of you sees the tree from your own personal perspective.

It is with great honor, respect and love that we take our leave this day of your time. Know that you are magical creators, part of the Divine Spirit that is All That Is……………………………And so it is!


April 5, 2010

So far this year we have given you steps to Conscious Creation. The first was the awareness that you are creating everything in your world and the knowledge that you can do it consciously. Second was detachment. This is necessary to see your world clearly and be able to create without the emotional baggage that you have accumulated through life’s journey. The third was perspective because without seeing from the larger view of the world instead of just through the narrowed slit of your own, it is impossible to create with wholeness. Now it is time to add passion.

Can you create without passion? Yes, and when you do, it will be an empty, lifeless attempt at filling a whole space with another piece of half-baked dough. Picture this as baking a loaf of bread. You can bake the bread with all the ingredients but only half the heat to cook it, but it will be doughy in the middle. If you want it to raise and be fully cooked, it has to first aerate to raise and then to sustain a certain temperature to change the ingredients from one consistency to another, from one expression of energy to another.

Did anything change in the process? Are the original ingredients still in the loaf of bread? Yes. Do they look the same, feel the same and taste the same? No. They are the same energy, but the texture, look and feel of it is different. It has matured into another form. You have taken the energy of the bread in dough form and transformed it into bread.

It is the same with conscious creation. You can take the ingredients – awareness, detachment & perspective – and choose to create your world. Passion is the heat of the oven that bakes the dough into the loaf of bread. Without the passion there is no way to raise it to a fully baked loaf.

Raising the dough takes heat and baking takes the same. Consider this………….what if you take the ingredients for creation and put them out to the Universe. What if you give them to us and say ok, take this thought form and change it to our reality. Here is what we can give you……..We can give you the picture you are painting with your thoughts.

Now, what if you give us that picture and add to it the feelings from your heart – the PASSION that is in your heart? From that combination of thought and passion, we feel your request as if amplified through the largest speaker system you can imagine on Earth. You will be ringing like bells, loud and clear. It is the energy that sets the thoughts into motion. It bakes the bread.

You have been using this method of creation all your lives and have not been aware of it. You have thought of things you believe and we have given them back to you. When you were in an emotional state, you got it back faster. Now is the time to take this process and begin to first see that is what you are already doing. When you recognize this you can change what you are putting out to something that really works for you now, not what worked for you as a child.

Most of what you are creating with is from your childhood and accumulated beliefs and fears along the way. Now that you know how you are doing it, you can examine what you are putting out and if it no longer fits who you are, and what you truly want to see for yourself and your world, change it to something that does…………BEFORE you create more of what you no longer want.

So, if you truly look at this, feel this in your body, you will know this is true. There is no right or wrong to this. This is not a pass/fail test. If you don’t feel this or believe this is how it works, continue to do it unconsciously. That is always a choice, but do not blame God or anyone else for your experience. It is without a doubt – your creation.

How does this fit into your world? What does passion have to do with your experience? Besides knowing that it is the catalyst for the change you prefer, it is the experience of life itself.

Think what is like to go through life when you are in love. When the passion of new beginnings and new relationships are in bud. There is a feeling for life that it will never end. It is timeless. It is ephemeral. You want to stay in it and bask in the feeling for the rest of your life. It is joy.

It is this feeling, this energy of life that is called passion. It is the feeling of oneness with All That Is. It is. It simply is and you would like to be with it always.

Now think of the times you have felt alone and separate from everything and everyone around you. You have grieved for lost loved ones and grieved for your self. You have felt like life is not worth living. This is because the passion, the connection with All That Is, is temporarily forgotten. It is still there, but you do not feel it at such times. You are choosing to experience the feeling of life without the passion.

Now imagine what happens when you create from passion. You will create a living experience of joy itself. What happens when you create from the feeling of aloneness? You get back more feeling of aloneness so you can SEE what you are creating and change it if you prefer.

All things you see in your world are reflections of your beliefs and experiences. What you see around you is what you believe and have created. It is now up to you to look at what is around you and see whether you like what you see. If you do then keep creating as you are. If you do not, see what is before you, feel what you would like different and create it consciously – with passion.

We understand this is a concept that is just on the edge of your understanding. This is ok. It is not imperative that you take this all in at once. It is being given to you in pieces so you can see it more clearly.

Passion. It is the heart of your world. It is the fire that lights your path and leads you to the highest version of who you can be. Who you choose to be is determined by your heart, not your mind. Your mind will always, all ways bring you to logic and there is no passion in logic. It can only bring you to more logic and less feeling, less passion. It brings you to an experience of being and feeling separate and alone in your world.

Feel in your bodies where you spend most of your time. Do you spend most of your time thinking, or do you spend more time feeling? This is the question we ask you to answer for yourself in the next month. Take time; make time to look at this. Feel this in every cell of your body. Thinking is very different from feeling.

Many of you have shut down your feeling because you believe that all life experience is painful. You have allowed your pain to stop you from the joy that lies beneath it. Know that all feelings are based on life and life is the experience of your very soul. Beneath every bit of painful memory is a joy you have not allowed yourself to feel. Now that you know that, do you choose to experience life with the pain or float through the pain to the joy below? It is the joy below that fuels your life, your passion and creation.

If you are willing, for the next month, feel everything that tugs at you. Make the opportunity to use every emotional tug and feeling to bring you to joy. It is the boat sitting at the dock, waiting to take you through the pain to the joy. Make no mistake; it is the fear of the fear, the fear of pain that stops you from growing. It is that and only that. When you stop fearing that it can defeat you, that it can kill you, it can no longer keep you from going beyond your belief and experience of pain to the joy and passion.

Find someone you can talk to. Sit alone in silence and talk to whatever higher power you believe in or can imagine. Hug a tree. Be with the sound of a bubbling brook. Hold the hand of a friend. And then…………walk into the feeling you have been so afraid of and see that the fangs you believed would bite you are but tiny baby teeth without your fear.

We will feel a big surge in the passion you are feeling with this life experiment. We feel joy in the knowledge that you will be moving your experience into feeling instead of just thinking. When thought is coupled with passion a new world opens up. Passion is the key to your escape from the prison of thought you have kept yourself in. It is the ticket to the new world you imagine and can now create.

We will be here to help you in any and all ways. It is our pleasure to be a part of this creation with you for we help bring to you the world you tell us you want. We have been doing this from time before time and are ecstatic with joy to see you joining us as your own Earth Angels, creating without fear.

As always, we honor your choice to be there experiencing that world so you can transform it to a world of joy. It has taken much courage and love to do this and you are doing it magnificently. And so, it is with great honor, respect and love that we take our leave for this day of your time.


February 2, 2010

When we talked to you last month it was about your role in the New World Order. As Humanity changes to a higher version of itself you are being asked to hold a higher version of yourselves. Last time we spoke of this we told you it was time to create consciously. No longer can your world be held together with chewing gum and “masking” tape.

This day we speak to you of new ways that you will be seeing your world. You have always seen your world in a form that has become familiar to you in the three dimensional perspective. We are asking you now to expand on that perspective and begin to see it more openly.

To do this we ask you to stand back from your creation and look at it as if it were a whole creation, not the parts that you created, one at a time. It is the same perspective that the great painters have used. When you stand too close to a picture and see the brush strokes, it is not possible to see the whole thing and get a feeling of what the whole scene before you truly is. We do not want you lost in the brush strokes, the details of your lives.

When you stand back and observe this picture of yourself from a distance you are able to take in the whole scene and get a feel for you that is very different than the detail you stand in. That is because you are not caught up in the detail. It is the detail, the brush stroke that holds the memories and colors of your experience in the creation of that stroke.

When you look at the “big picture” of the world, you are seeing and feeling the combined work of humanity. You are seeing and feeling the emotions and thoughts of all the people who applied their own brush strokes to the masterpiece before you. Looking at it, feeling it from this perspective changes the reaction to it and your view of it, more directly than you imagine.

In the masterpiece of the world, your personal masterpiece is but a brushstroke in the whole.

Looking at something from a distance allows you to detach yourselves from the picture in such a way that you can use a key to unlock the lock that kept you stuck in a one-dimensional view of seeing the masterpiece through the stroke. It expands your vision to see everyone else’s strokes and then the whole picture without the individual strokes.

This is what is necessary to bring your world into the light of the new day of love, the light of the new day of your experience of your world. It is time for all of you to begin to do this and to do this you must now make a choice to let go of your attachment to the limited view you have been experiencing.

For some of you it will be easy. For others of you it will seem quite challenging to do this. The reason is that some of you prefer to be caught up in the emotional attachment, the drama of the situations. Drama can feel very enticing. It can feel exciting in a way that detachment cannot fill. Detachment, to those who thrive on drama, may feel boring, dull and empty when it is no longer there.

When this happens, first recognize that you are feeling as if something is missing. When you feel bored, restless and realize you are looking for dramatic events in your life, please stand back and look at the whole picture. Where is the missing stroke? What can you replace it with so the whole picture feels complete?

Humanity has lived an existence of drama for eons. It is what has kept you feeling alive because you have believed that life came from outside yourselves. Oh, yes, you believed that there is a higher power that exists “out there” but you never realized that the higher power exists within you. It IS you AS WELL AS out there. It is All That Is. It is Everywhere, everywhen, everything………….forever.

So, where does this leave you today? It leaves you with the task of detachment. How do you detach from the dramatic view of life itself? It is both more and less challenging than you believe. More and less? Both are not only possible but true, as all truths are true.

The first way to detach from your old way of living your world is to see it differently and to do that you must do as the great artists have done, step back and see the whole picture. Feel the whole picture and feel what resonates in your own hearts. Does it feel good? Does it feel like it is jangling a nerve in you? What is the overall feeling you get from the picture?

When you have found what that feeling is, make a choice to see the brush stroke that brings you this discordant feeling. Allow this feeling to resonate within you to the highest degree you can. Allow it to flow as it did when the stroke (it is your stroke) was painted with the fresh, flowing paint………………..AND, allow it to flow right off your canvas and out of the picture. It is this feeling you allow to flow again that removes it from the picture. In doing this it changes the whole picture and THAT is no longer the same. It is different in your masterpiece……….and it changes the world masterpiece to hold more light also.

If this sounds much like last month’s lesson of creating consciously it is because it is very similar. It is an expansion, an addition to that first principle. Creation begins with a belief. Then a thought develops and focus takes it to a place you would like it to go. Doing this unconsciously creates a picture that will sit in the back of the room throughout history. The picture painted consciously will hang in the museums of eternal being.

So. First comes awareness. Step back from the picture of life and look at it from the perspective of a great painting. Do NOT allow yourselves to get caught up in the brush strokes, the emotional debris that is attached to each stroke. When the whole picture feels out of balance and uncomfortable, look to the stroke that holds the discordant emotion. Then consciously let the emotion flow out of the picture. Do not hold onto the stroke or try to analyze how it happened or hang onto the emotion that feels so alive, as when it was painted.

When you are through removing the emotion by allowing it to flow once again, it is time to replace the stroke with a new one. This time replace the empty spot with light. It is a simple step and we do not want you stressing about how to do that. For now, just think of filling it with the highest loving feeling you can. Don’t worry about how it looks. It will flow into the space and unite the surrounding strokes as a masterful stroke applied by the masters. No gap will be seen or felt. This is something we will be talking about at a later time but it is important to know this much now.

So, for now, please know that you are doing masterful work. Each of your world’s masters started as a novice. Each one had a room full of paintings that were either repainted upon or burned when the artist was not happy with them. This is what you are doing as we speak. You are creating the masterpiece of your lives. As each one of you finds the masterpiece no longer representing who you are, recreate the masterpiece. And, last but NOT least, to do that you MUST detach from the old one so you can be free to create the new one.

This is your lesson for this month of your year. Practice it. Stand back from the easels of your life paintings. Observe them from a distance and see and feel them as a whole. Follow the steps above and create yourselves again.

Next month we will give you the next step in becoming the New Human. As you evolve into a higher version of yourselves you will experience life differently. This is not something to be feared, but yet something to be celebrated. You are all pioneers, going across the great vast country you live in, covered wagons billowing in the wind. AND, this time you are removing the covers that not only protected you, but held you back. Protection not only kept you safe, it kept you from yourself, the world and life itself. (Just a thought to mull on for a while.)

It is with great love, honor and respect that we take our leave this day. As always, know that we see you as the masterpiece that you truly are. It is you who sees you differently. We see only light………and love.

Conscious Creation – Basics for the New World

Hello to the world. We speak this way because it is a greeting beyond which you can’t imagine. It is “just another day” so to speak, but it is a day of immense effect in your world. It is time now to move into a mode of experience that has been unheard of until this time. It is as if, on this day, the brakes have been released and the shift from Homo Sapian to Homo Luminous has begun. The shift from your 3-D world to 5-D has begun.

It is time to look back at what has been and a time to look forward to what is ahead. This is common upon your world at the change of a year on your calendar. It is not common to experience moving from one world to another in that instant.

What world do we speak of? We speak of the world of new experience. For most of you it will feel like a falling apart of who you are and have been. For many it will be feeling like you are floating on some unseeable object, taking you down a river you also cannot see, going where you know not where. For many of you this will be challenging at best. For many of you it will seem almost commonplace, as you have been traveling in this fashion for some time.

What is the river upon which you float? It is the river of life. It is the energy that you are. You exist because this energy is what you are manifested of. It is you. It is the river. It is everything seen and unseen along that river. Where is it taking you? It is taking you to the beliefs you hold that determine what that will be. For some it will be a pleasant place. For others it will be challenging as you will believe you have been taken somewhere without your control. It will seem as if it is happening to you, not through you.

This is the way that life has always occurred. You believe and it is created as such. It is the acceleration of the process that will seem unfamiliar and quite frightening for many. For you who believe in this truth it will seem easier and smoother, for such it is.

Everyone, in one way or another, will now feel this energy movement. For some of you who understand the flow of life it can be a pleasant experience. Use this to help you choose where you would like to be taken upon the flow of this river. For those who do not believe this is how you create, be ready for a ride that bumps you into the objects around you. You will see many who blame others for the direction of their own choices. Please do not be one of them.

Know that it is time to let go of all blame for these choices. It is time to look forward and choose your highest joy and head for that. You may not always reach the place of joy you aim for. You may land a little short of that destination, but with each landing you will be closer to your goal. Nothing lost, but a lot gained in the experience.

How will life change as you live the flow consciously? You will be able to steer your own course into a smoother flow. Please remember when you bump into the shore at a place that looks unfamiliar, that you are choosing the direction of your path through the flow. It is YOUR choice. If and when you bump into shore in unfamiliar territory and you feel out of place and do not choose to be there…..jump back into the flow and choose again.

This is the year of awakening, for your species and your world. To do this you will all be waking up and seeing the world through new eyes. Those of you who are already well on your way to waking will be guides for those who are just opening their eyes. Help them to see truth. Help them to clear the illusion that life has happened to them. Help them to see they are not the victims they thought themselves to be.

Each month of 2010 in your world will bring another theme and another challenge. This one is the master alarm and the basis on which all other things will be built. Everyone’s alarm will be going off at pretty much the same time. They will need you to help them clear the sleep from their eyes and see, truly SEE who they are and how they are creating that with each choice they make.

Remember…………..thoughts and words are energy. Whatever you say will manifest in some way. When you say destructive things about another (or yourself) you create the energy pattern for that creation. Teach love. Teach everyone to think and say loving things about themselves and others. This will dramatically shift the way the flow eases or becomes blocked.

This is a core belief. It is needed to move forward in the transition of your species. It is the first step to creation and this year is about creation. It is about creating your world, as you would like to see it, not as it has been. The world you are transforming was created unconsciously. It is being methodically destroyed by the self-created belief in lack. This has created every sort of greed, war and indifference in your world and needs to be re-created with love. This is already being done by so very many of you who are already awakening and will take you into a whole new world as you help others to create consciously with you.

It is time. We have been saying that things will dramatically shift in Jan. of this year. It will and it is. This is the shift of which we spoke. It is a group effort of consciousness, of awareness. One person creating consciously creates wonders. Groups creating consciously create miracles. It is time for miracles.

Each month of 2010 will be a different theme. As you master each one, each will build upon the others. The masterpiece you are creating will be entirely unrecognizable from where you are today. What do you choose it to be? Think well and feel this in your hearts. Follow the joy in your hearts and use that joy to create the highest version of yourself you can be. Do this as one and move yourself into a more joyful experience of your world. Do this collectively and you create a new world.

We leave you with these thoughts and ask you to practice this each day of this month. Do not be discouraged when you do not see the fruits of your actions played out in front of you. Trust this will happen. Do not judge what you cannot yet see. For now……………practice being the highest version of yourself you can be in each moment…………..CONSCIOUSLY.

Next month we will give you your next step of this conversion of your world. We thank you for your patience, your trust and your love. It is with GREAT love, honor and respect that we take our leave for this day. Know that we are always, all ways with you. You are never alone. We are proud to be taking this journey with you.

Reconnecting with your Spiritual Beingness

Greetings everyone, it is a magical time of year. For most of you, you are faced with the turmoil of the holidays that are quickly approaching. While you do that, please take time to look deeper into the experience of your inner spirituality that is coming for Earth and Humanity. You experience the holidays as a way of getting caught up in the excitement without knowing what the excitement is truly about.

What is it truly about? Most of you will answer that question from a religious perspective. Christmas. Kwanza. Hanukkah. The names change and the meanings stay the same. All ways of worshiping the God you recognize in the way you were taught is correct. We are here to tell you all ways are correct. It matters not who that teaching was centered around.

This is not about religion but spirituality. It is about the truth of who you are. What is the truth behind the teachings? The truth is that you exist, you are part of the ALL, the ONE, and all of the part, that what you give out you get back and that all of this is within you. It is NOT outside of you.

For eons it has been expected and taught that anything and everything that has meaning is outside of you. Is there a consciousness that is “out there”? Yes. AND that consciousness is also within you. It is the body you move and breathe. It is the thoughts you have in every moment. It is also the feelings you experience. This consciousness is God. It is. It simply IS. You cannot be anything but that.

Is everybody else that too? Yes. Everything you see, feel, hear, smell or taste is that same consciousness, as well as everything you intuit that is not physical. It is everyone and everything in every dimension, everywhere, everywhen. It is the person sitting next to you and it is the being on another planetary system in your universe or another you are not yet aware of.

Is this God? Yes. Does it matter if you worship God in one particular religion or another? It matters only to the one worshiping in that manner. Are all of these ways of worshipping correct? Yes. It does not matter how you come to relationship with God; it matters that you do. If you do not feel the presence of God in your life, does this mean he/she/it is not there? No. It means you do not yet feel that presence.

Some of you may feel closer to God in a forest, sitting by a river, hearing the sounds of water cascading over rocks. Some of you may feel closer by sitting quietly by a fire, hearing the crackle of flames on logs. Some may feel closer in the presence of a building, a church or temple containing the objects that you associate with God. All are perfect for the person that communes with this consciousness in this manner.

Why do you feel you must feel closer to God at this and other times of the year? You have been taught to do so. You have been given certain times of the year to set aside your daily experience of your lives and remember. Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Passover, etc. As you notice, many of these times of celebration have been given the same time periods on your world. No mistake. They have been taken and passed forward from one religious system to another as time has passed. Many of the religious rites and ceremonies have been brought forward from other rites and ceremonies, such as your Christian rites forwarded from Druids.

What has happened to these times you were given? For many of you they have become times to be with family. In many cases the spiritual reason has been lost completely. The original intent was to re-connect with the God within, to re-member who you truly are.

Over the last many of your years, the season has become about money, gifts and spending. This has brought upon your world a huge amount of stress. Not enough money………need to give bigger and better presents…………a belief that this time of year is perfect for everything outside yourselves. This have caused so much stress that this time of year is the biggest time of suicides in your world. People who can’t feel the presence within and cannot find it outside of themselves feel despondent and alone to the point of hopelessness.

What can be done about this? It is time to remember who you are and bring that remembrance to others. Put less emphasis on material issues and more on inner ones. Love is the biggest and best of gifts. It is the gift you give yourself and the gift you give to others. Share a meal. Share a quiet evening playing games with each other. Listen to music together. Enjoy each other’s company. Laugh. Bring spirituality back to your own experience and share that with others.

Whatever the religious experience you prefer, once again bring back the inner experience of God and live that to the fullest. Do not be concerned what you wear or how great you look. If you could see yourselves from here you would see all of you adorned as bright stars, glimmering in the universe. No better garb necessary or possible.

See others as the god beings that they are. Forget, or at least put aside the prejudices that keeps you separate, better than them………or worse. Not possible even if you try.

Take time; make time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, alone and with others. BE with the consciousness that is God. Feel him/her/it within your being. Feel the love light the internal fire within your hearts and know that you are and can never be alone. Share this. Let this Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza (insert name here) be an experience of sharing yourself with this universal love and then share it with others.

This is what these religious holidays were truly created for. It is time to reclaim them for yourselves. Feel them in your hearts. BE them in all that you do. Give what you want for yourselves, not the physical wonders you have created, but the inner love you are.

It is with great love and honor that we take our leave this day. We share with you the love that is All That Is. We wish you the best and most loving holiday season you can create. Our love is yours.

An Audience with the Angelic Council of LIGHT

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