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How do I participate in organic sulfur study?

Hello Patrick,,,hope your day is going well. I appreciate your efforts to bring an option for better health to our society.
A family friend Russell Pappalardo told me about your work with organic sulfur.I read the interview on your web site and found it informative .I would like to participate in your study. What would be the next step?
Best regards

How do I purchase empowerplus?

My wife suffers from manic depression and has tried prescription drugs in the past and it helps her however I worry about the side effects. I want to purchase these pills, where do I do that ??

Thanks, Donny

Are there any physicians or practitioners in the Santa Barbara, Ca. area who treat patients with orthomolecular medicine?

Are there any current studies going on in the country?

Link between pituitary gland functioning and depression?

Dear Mr. Forbes,

Guggul helps in lowering high cholesterol?

I'm familiar with the dangers of statin drugs; my mom had severe adverse
reactions to them.

Currently, I've been told that my LDL of 135 and my HDL of 38 puts me at
risk. Over the last year, by changing my diet to limit TOO MANY carbs (I'm
not an Adkins (sp?) follower), I've lost 40 pounds. (You see, I've

been very active: cycling 10+ miles/day, yoga, and strength training...but
I love to eat...ha) My question: I'm taking Guggul and Reishi every other
day, a.m. and p.m.

Are these supplements dangerous...from what I've read, they are not. Of

Seeing colors in shower

Since I'm a teenage, especially when I shower, I close my eyes and see a sphere, green, intense green, which becomes a ring. As long as I'm concentrated in it, it stays. What does it mean? Any suggestions?

I'm doing some exercises that make all my body vibrate as one of the sounds I heard in your youtube video. It's not a sound in my years, it's a vibration in me. Also in the same youtube video, you show the kind of spheres that I see. The vibration works as a resetting tool for me. I feel almost like fainting, or maybe just like not-thinking. What does this mean?

How I could find out my metobolic type?

I live in Orange County California. Thanks!


What is the purpose of Sorbitol in HTP?

I recently bought a bottle of 5 HTP tablets made by Carlson. I was disappointed to find that they contained Sorbitol, as listed in the ingredients. There are health risks associated with Sorbitol. I was unable to find it in other 5 HTP products from other manufacturers.

Where to get sample of EmPowerPlus

I'm interested in getting a sample of the EmPowerPlus: medication Can you tell me how I do do this, or where do I go for this thank you very much.

How can I purchase the EmPower pills in the Philippines?

Can I order it from here?

Where do I purchase the bipolar supplement?

What about the video in your website of the news story on Bi-Polar and that lady that took a certain supplement - I though this was a website for that?? If not do you know where I find it??

Just went on you site and I wanted to fing out how I go about purchasing the supplement, how long it takes to get to me. I live in Cane Beds, AZ.
and where the nutrional info is on your site

What method does Scientology use to treat drug addiction?

Ron L. Hubbard had a method of detoxing the body of drug residues. He wrote a book on it. It could be used on cocaine, heroin, meth, lsd and other hard drugs.

YouTube video

Would supplements that contain silicon dioxide effect a diet that has plenty of sulphur in it?

and would it be possible to heal past acne damage with a type of organic sulphur, what info could you provide me on that.
Thanks your time is very much appreciated.

Is there a difference between hydrogen peroxide and ozone?

H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide but what is ozone? I’ve read that they can both be used to treat chronic diseases such as cancer, aids, diabetes...

Is there a difference between ascorbic acid and Vitamin C?

I've read that there were differences between the two!

Has anyone used SunRider whole food supplements or know anything about the company?

I've heard good things about them but they're also a multi-level marketing company (MLM).

What is the difference between whole grain and whole wheat foods?

I've always thought they were the same. Then there's the 100% whole grain versus 100% whole wheat. Confused!