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What is the name of the elderly gentleman giving the lecture on vit C ?

It's on your YouTube channel.

What are colloidal minerals?

Drug Industry conspiracy?

What are the ingredients used to make antidepressants?

Someone told me petro chemicals, derived from fossil fuel, like oil. That would be disgusting. Any truth to this?

How do I find out where and when I can attend gamblers anonymous meeting?

My area is (Danbury/New Fairfield, CT/ Brewster, NY)?

How do you stop taking prescription drugs?

Self-exclusion, How do I ban myself from the casinos?

I can't stop myself from gambling!

Retreat for drug addict?

I am looking to give my brother-in law a present of two weeks in a health spa where he might recover somewhat from alcohol abuse. I cannot guarantee that he will go to a teetotal place, but he may benefit from a regime where he is encouraged to go without. Can you suggest anywhere?

R. Crone

Removing toxins from body?

I've been reading up on Modifilan and on Clay baths to remove toxins from the body. I am afraid to see just how much toxic build-up has collected in my body over the years, and i've helped it along quite a bit. I am a smoker. It was very nice to view the positive report you gave on this herbal remedy for detoxification. I hope this works! Thank-you for the work and research you have done for all of us!

Audra E.

Mineral deficiencies cause of bipolar disorder?

I have been diagnosed bi polar since 1976 and though sulfur has not negated the use of lithium carbonate or oratate it has reduced the side effects of the meds. What I have observed is that most of the newer therapies for bi polar disorders have increased suicide tendencies ( Depakote ) or created a zombie like continence that anti convulsive are known for. The issue of a mineral deficiency for manic depression is not a modern problem being that mania and manic depression can be documented in many ancient writings.

How to keep heroin addict clean for detox?

I got problem with my cousin he is heroin addict and he wants to stop but problem how to keep him clean for detox period.


Are doctors the only ones who understand health?

We have been taught that if something is simple, it's not respectable, because it doesn't feed our ego. That's part of why doctors don't want to hear about nutrition, because it's taught to grade school children.

It has everyone's minds thinking that health is something that only a medical school graduate can understand - rubbish!

It took time for me to come out of the brainwashing because it felt like I'd been in a hypnotic fog. Then I see you, and you just "get it," and you don't care what anyone else says, you know the truth. It's awesome.

Does vitamin C and herbs work for cocaine addiction?

I am 46 years old and I have been siffing cocaine since I was 25 years old so about 20 years. I am TIRED of it all. I have been to rehab... I not only wasted my money but I gained more cocaine contacts. I heard about the oranges and vitamin C...does it work for cocaine treatment? Also, what about a natural herb called NAC or N-acetycystene... does it work?

How to help daughter with bipolar?

Hi, I read your information about healing bipolar without drugs it is a breakthrough. I really need someone's sincere help, who has been through this, to help my daughter. Please can I share a few more details and you kindly support and give guidance which I need in this matter.

kind regards

How did your son overcome cancer?

Information on treating marijuana addiction?

I was wondering if you could provide me with some information regarding treating marijuana addiction. My girlfriend has had a
dependency on the drug for the last 16 years. Lately she has expressed the desire to quit , but she is not sure how she should go about it. Also I believe she is scared that if she quits she won't be able to deal with life's daily stresses.

So I was wondering if you could recommend any books or methods that may help with the quitting process.

YouTube video:

Address of Dr Hoffer?

I would like to have Dr. Abram Hoffer's telephone number and address.

Would like to consult him regarding ADD for my son.

Is there a test to tell if an antidepressant is working for you?

my doctor recently put me on Lexapro - 20mg. per day.I had been taking Prozac for about 23yrs. w/out any problem. It seemed to not work as well when my son was recently in Iraq for 18mons. The Lexapro isn't working as well as I wish it was. Should I maybe need a little more mg. of the Lexapro? Is there a test to tell if an antidepressant is working for you before you waste so much time "waiting" to see if it is right for you?

I'm 57 yrs. old and tired of being "tested" on.


What is the government's position on Bill C51?

I wrote my MP (Member of Parliament) regarding Canada's Bill C-51, which didn't pass the Second reading in the house of Parliament.

How do I advertise on this site?

I was just on your web site and I think it really is one of the most informative sites on ADHD I've read in a while. There are so many people seeking answers and help about ADHD. It seems every other day you hear on the news or read an article about it.

I would like to buy an ad on your site for a company who offers health information. Your site is so informative I really think it is a great place for people to turn to. The visitors to your site may also appreciate having a quick link to a site that provides additonal information and answers to health related questions they may have.

Naturopathic doctor in Vancouver?

I live in Vancouver, B.C. and am having a tough time finding a doctor or
naturopath that has had a lot of success with healing bi-polar disorder.
In Victoria, Dr. Hoffer is treating people exclusively with vitamins. Dr.
Wulff in Vancouver refuses to treat me. There is one other naturopath listed
on Canada's orthomolecular list and reviews of her on the web are tentative.
Do you know any ND's in Vancouver? What do you think of True Hope? Is there
an omega brand that won't give me indigestion?

Cassandra Freeman

Gene mutations or incomplete cellular metabolism?

If the latter is part of the equation then sulfur should be of interest due to cell membrane
viability and protein production from the sulfur based amino acids methionine and cysteine.

The year after the Hughes Medical Institute was established 1953, the use of chemical
fertilizers was mandated if farmers wished to participate in the Farm Subsidies Act of the
New Deal. So what, you may ask? We believe that this gift to the petrochemical industry
broke the sulfur cycle to the citizens of the US through our food chain.

Good book on depression?

Since moving into a house on my own 14 months ago and I have gradually found
it harder and harder to be on my own, financial and emotionally. On top of
this 11 weeks ago I decided to quit smoking and my doctor perscribed CHAMPIX
to help me. Yes, the tablets helped me to stop smoking but the side effects
of these tablets are mood swings, deep dark depressions, feelings of being
unable to go on and many more dark feelings. I went back to the doctor today
and said I no longer wanted to take the CHAMPIX that I thought I could stay

PTSD and Depression in Vets

I was listening to an embedded photographer recount his story of being in Iraq and
how he was suffering with PTSD just as the soldiers with whom he was embedded.
Listening to his story reminded me of our Study members who now respond "They
just feel better."

We have had little interest in Organic Sulfur from, Vietnam to present day
Iraq Vets. It appears they would rather curse the darkness of the VA than do
something which may improve their situation.

Since beginning the Study one thing has been apparent, sulfur replaces anti-

Getting help for 30 year old son with depression?

I'm desperatly seeking help for my 30 yr. old son. He has been through a lot in trying to deal with his condition and nothing seems to be working.

I discovered your site by accident. He has been on practically every drug out there and nothing really works. He doesn't want to go on any antidepressants, but when he is off of them he feels that he cannot connect with the world around him. He says nothing matters, he cann't remember when he has really been happy.

Cure for CFS, IBS...

Hi, on your site you have an article from a person who cured his IBS, CFS and other ailments using cayenne and cleanses. I am wondering if you have this person's email address.

What i found interesting was that he mentions that his body temperature was always low. I have the same problem, ranging between 35C-36C. I was interested in his use of cayenne pepper to increase his body temperature.

Low temp usually indicates hypothyroid, and my tests do show that I might have this problem. But most people with low thyrpid are overweight. My problem is underweight. I'm always so cold.

Suggestions for curing bipolar illness?


I read your article and found it interesting.