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McDonalds puts food additives to make us fat and hungry?

so we crave more of their foods. that would be evil and Ronald McDonald is an evil man. Kids are supposed to look up to this guy.

Any truth that chlorine is in drinking water?

fluoride is but chlorine?

What are some ways toxins get into our bodies?

eyes, nose, mouth (food, ears?, ...?

Natural cure for herpes?

A friend told me there were several out there, among them dmso and h2o2. any feedback?

What is the difference between soy protein and soy protein isolate?

is one healthier than another?

Electromagnetic field around our bodies?

can anyone point me to studies that show this. how does this affect our health?

What foods are linked to hyperactivity?

leading to ADHD symptoms?

DMSO / Hydrogen peroxide cures most diseases?

Some me this combination is the best to deliver oxygen to the body. One person said it cured him of cancer.

Hidden food chemicals not listed on ingredients labels?

by law, food companies do not have to list all chemicals they put into foods. What are some of these chemicals?

What are the worst chemicals found in food that food companies put in?

Know a bit about MSG, food coloring/additives. What are others to avoid?

Best sources of Vitamin E?

heard it's one of the master vitamins. What's the best way to get it into the body?

Differences in ORGANIC food labels?

--100% organic
--All organic
--Only organic
--Made with organic
--With organic


Research that showing problems getting worse when using psychiatrist/psychologist?

I read this in a book. can someone point me to research that backs this up?

What is flash pasteurization?

What is the purpose of pasteurization?

Can food allergies cause psychological symptoms?

heard this is the case with adhd, bipolar and other mental illnesses.

Amount of nutrients lost when freezing fruits/veggies?

Does flash freezing help?

weak muscle

I am assuming I have a weak muscle or possibly a stretched ligament where my leg connects to the groin area. I will be walking and without notice the leg starts to collapes in that away with a sharp pain. The area is then a bit sore and goes back to normal untill the next time without warning. It can happen 5 times a day up to 50. Is there something I can take that will increase the strength of or repair the problem? D.

what is a natural way to deal with bipolar

what works especialy for sleaping

Is LSD harmful? (non-biased)

I've done a lot of 'Googling' and I've found that LSD isn't as harmful as people think. I need some medical facts, and your opinions so I know.

I don't plan on taking LSD I might add.

empowerplus for paranoia

can these vitamins be given to patients with paranoia?


Alternative cancer cure

You have an excellent article that talks about the alternative cures for cancer. There is one that talks about cessium and potassium, etc. Another about Vit C.

Who are these doctors? How can we get hold of them?



How does someone really stop using cocaine?

I know someone who cannot stop using cocaine. He is addicted but only uses it occassionally right now. He has no insurance and he cannot afford to go anywhere for treatment. Are there any ways that I can help him other than kicking him out of my life and stop supporting him?

what is quantum physics?


I have a theory about the oral mouthing child who living with a smokers outside home.This kind of child begin before a year smoke tobacco-gas and the brain doesnt develop in good sense.The persitence of stress during the day reinforced by the adult conduct who believe that this child are so Inteligent finish with a nervous, hiperkinetic child mouth breathing.Ifbsomebody has papers about this thanking in advancd.

cervarix by glaxo: any information which is not the "official" line

in the UK, cervarix is now being peddled as a cancer-cure and parents are being told to let their kids be vaccinated with it.
my outlook is that i trust nothing to do with health that is made by large corporations and sanctioned by governments. i can find plenty of information about gardasil; but none on this drug.

do you have any real information or links on this product yet?

Have you had any trouble with the "fair use" usage of the commercials?

We are working on a documentary similar to the video you have posted on YouTube.

In order to get our points across about direct to consumer advertising etc we need to use commercial. Have you had any trouble with the "fair use" usage of the commercials?


Is there a place I can get the meditation program you have on youtube?

On your youtube account there is a meditation 1 - 5 series, and I would like to have them to meditate without my computer running on internet.

Thank you very much for your time and effort in your work toward making people aware of what helps and hurts them. It's all about energy.


What is the success rate of chemotherapy for treating cancer?

by itself or combined with radiation and surgery?

Is there a natural cure for breast cancer?

Without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. What things cause breast cancer?

Can I make a living playing poker?