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Posterior Pituitary Glandular

Where can I purchase a good quality Posterior Pituitary Glandular

Nutrient contents of natural sugar versus REFINED sugar

Any health expert want to take crack at this since we're being told to stay away from refined sugar.

What are free radicals?

keep hearing about free radicals and antioxidants.

what is the real cause of aging?

why do people get old? how to prevent it?

Difference between calcium and CORAL calcium?

watched infomercial and was wondering if anyone can shed light.

question on genes being on or off

what determines if our disease genes are on or off?

Why do they use "fortified" to label some health drinks?

is it supposed to be healthier because it's fortified?


If it causes brain damage, why use it!

YouTube video

magic juices

please list them and tell me what they do!

What are some hiddens sources of MSG?

monosodium glutamate. i've read some nasty stuff about it. the food companies are not required to list them on ingredients any more. is this true?

What are some causes of insomnia?

I can't sleep more than 3-4 hours without waking up!

French Paradox?

A long time ago I read that the French diet is as unhealthy as the North American diet but they were not as fat, on average as North Americans. Is this linked to the wines they drink?

how do i remove dental fillings /amalgrams?

what are some ways mercury can get into your body?

mercury has been linked to a host of diseases.

dermatron machine information.

it's supposed to be a miracle machine. info. please.

Infrared sauna information?

health benefits please.

Is skim milk healthier than whole milk?

Too many opinions on this one.

Is cholesterol the cause of heart disease?

I've watched some videos on YouTube and was under a different impression.

why do foods need to be irradiated?

what is irridiation? what does it do to the food?

What are the health implications of microwaving food?

I read that the Nazis created the technology, then the Russians did research on it and banned it because it did weird things to the food.

Aren't vitamins and minerals the creation of the health industry?

Do we really need them?

How to find a good CBT to undo bad advice of a feminist therapist?

A friend was told, while on antidepressants for over 2 years now, since she was no longer feeling anything for her husband and was unhappy, to leave him, and her 2 small kids of not even 2 and 3 at the time, and she did! The therapist told her the kids would be fine and wouldn't suffer anything with her leaving. The therapist also has labeled family members as having problems and for her to disassociate with them blaming them for her problems. She did that also.

what is the modern concept of psychiatric hospital design

psychiatric hospital design

Career choice in Medicine?

What area should I look to study to work in natural medicine and other pharmaceuticals. I am currently a Chemistry major and psychology minor at University of Delaware.

Meditation videos on DVD?

Hi, I have watched your videos on which comes in 1 to 5
videos, do you have your entire programming on a DVD? It may make it
easier to listen to

multiple sclerosis

i am on rebif
i take enzymes for energy
diagnosed last may
have had some symptoms since 2006
i am having more fog moments, heavyness in legs, tiredness
i need a specific program besides multivamins
and specific enzymes? thanks kevin

Dead Doctors Don't Lie audio/video?