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Meat substitute?

This site advocates elimnating meat from diet. However, man is meant to eat meat!

Is all milk unhealthy and deadly for you?

Some of the videos on this site got me thinking and worried.

What is the safest and most effective way to get tryptophan into the body?

Eat more proteins because they contain the highest level of tryptophan? I watched a video and this wasn't the way to do it.

Good sugar verus bad sugar?

Need help as I'm utterly confused!

why is blood red?

if we drink a lot of water

What is the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan?

I watched a few videos on the site but wasn't paying much attention.

How to download youtube video

Hi~ I seen you have a video on youtube that I would love to put onto a
power point presentation. I have been attempting to get it on there from
youtube, but I can't seem to make it work. Would there be any chance you
would send me the file? It's the video of a comedian ... -
Thank so much for the help and the great material..

Bobby Miles, D.C.

Narcotics Anonymous


researching hydrogen peroxide, food grade H202

Does anyone have any personal experience with taking this? Where can one buy this?

interested in chemistry balancing

I was so excited to find your website. I've been looking for someone
who has continued Page's work. I've already done the measurements that
he recommended. It would make my day to hear that you are accepting new
patients and are located somewhere near Texas b/c I live in Houston. Please let me know
about your practice. Thank you!
Deenell Krol

soy isoflavones article

I would like to get a list of the references for the article "Soy
Isoflavones (phytoestrogens)" that appears on your website at this link:
They are not listed at the bottom of the paper.


Food additives associated with ADHD?

for children under 16.

Diabetes cure sold for $30 million?

I read that a scientist or inventor discovered a cure for diabetest and he was offered $30 million for. Did he sell it? Is the cure still around?

How do homogenization and pasteurization affect milk?

some say they kill harmful bacteria and some say they kill good bacteria.

men's sperm count declined in the past several decades?

overhead this on a health conversation.

Is no-hunger bread still around?

Anyone have the recipe for it?

natural remedy for gout?

my co-worker has had this for over a decade and no medication has been able to help him. he walks with a limp because it hurts so much.

Feng Shui

I have this friend and she's wild about feng shui. This stuff works?

How do Vegans get protein from plants only?

USDA organic really organic?

Okay, so the label says certified USDA organic at my local market but is it 100% organic? I'm confused after watching the codex alimentarius videos. Are there other organic labels in use?

Can someone list all the natural cancer therapies/treatment/cures they can think of?

I heard there are supposed to be hundreds out there for every type of cancer.


what's the most effective way to remove fluoride from drinking water?

iron, aluminum, chlorine in tap water.

Nutrients versus phytonutrients versus phytochemicals?

what's healthiest for my body?

does natural sunlight cause or cure cancer?

different answers out there.

how many diseases/illness are cigarettes linked to?

probably take more than a page to list.

Sun or tanning bed best way to get vitamin D?

I Want movie Title

It is the movie which Gamblers Anonymous is introduced to. A title & leading man wants to
know it,; but ... I think that it was late-night broadcast to about 1987-1990 that are the
movie which Gamblers Anonymous is introduced to on TV. By an American film
production about 1980-1986. The chief character cannot remember the title
of the movie, too. By a movie connected with a gamble in a drama of the
modern system, a supporting actor was pickled in a gamble and was seized
with the self-pity that nobody knew. And "It is not stopped?Gamble." . .