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getting in touch with dr wassell

i'd like to get in touch with dr. wassell. i'm a registered nurse for
over 25 yrs. i sincerely appreciated his honesty and frustration in the
letter he wrote. i wanted to share what i've learned practicing
alternative medicine .

thank you, linda keeper rn, enzyme therapist

daughter with bipolar

Maria Gully sent a message using the contact form at
I have a 22 year old bipolar daughter she has taken her self off the
medication she was on, I would like to find a qualified professional to
guide us in treatment with out psychiatric drugs. I live in highland, california

Maria Gully

Enzyme clarification

Nowaday, many people doing enzyme DIY and ecoenzyme. They mix 1 part sugar
+ 3 part fruit + 10 part water, and after 2 weeks to 3 months, they claim
they have produce enzyme. i doubt about this. Many people make and concume
(drink) a lot of this product. Please help to clear my and many other
people doubt. Waht is this product and what is the danger of self
fermtation in houes? They claim this product good to health and
environment. Please help. Thank you.


How come orbiting objects do not fall into the hole with time?

Perhaps, not the best question asked, but still. If massive objects distort space around themselves causing other objects to orbit, how come these orbiting objects do not fall into the "hole" with time?


how to manage chronic kidney disease

how to avoid requiring kidney dialysis

100% Natural versus 100% Organic on Food Labels?

What's the difference?

How to Purchase videos or CDs

Dear Sir,
I am very interested and appreciate if you let me know how can I order
some videos or CD's from your website!
For example Meditation videos.

Mohsen, Dubai/UAE

Kind Regards
Dubai/ UAE
TEL: 00971502588006

Video for medical presentation

Our team specializes in medical presentations and for a project which
presents Osteoporosis to middle age people (MD presentation for small
groups of aprx: 15), we would like to coordinate the usage of the bellow

Zack Shrem

Brain Animations Video


I am currently putting together a promotional dvd for the German magazine
"BRIGITTE" and am looking for computer-animations of the human brain. I
have found your excellent video on youtube and was wondering if it was
possible for us to use parts of it. Did you produce these animations
yourself, or did you buy them somewhere? Is there any way for us to use
them in our mini-documentary?

It would be great if you could get back to me and we could figure
something out.

Best wishes from Germany

Henning Hönicke

info on ion detoxification

has anyone used it? results? from an article "a stream of positive and negative ions courses through your body, attaching to oppositely charged toxic particles. through osmosis, those toxins are drawn out and my body through my submerged feet. the water soon turned a soft yellow. then blackish flecks--excreted heavy metals--began to float in the water. within four minutes, a white foam begn to float on the surface of the water. white foam means your lymphatic system is responding.

what ingredients are in perfume?

Anyone want to share a good natural toothpaste brand?

Some of the fluoride videos have got me thinking.

What are probiotics and their role in health?

A lot of yoguart commercials are emphasing probiotics

how do i know what fats are good or not?

how do I get rid of dandruff?

head and shoulders doesn't seem to be doing the job.

Cure for common cold?

If they can put a man on the moon, why can't they find a cure for the common cold?

What are some common mistakes people make with their diet?

I know mine has been drinking too much soft drinks and eating at fast food restaurants.

recommendation for detox diet?

what is a high purine diet?

How do I know what foods I'm allergic to?

Is there a simple test one can take?

Information on how to withdraw from prescription drugs?

Specifically antidepressants.

What nutrients are the hardest for the body to break down?

I'm guessing protein as one!

Is there any truth that antiperspirants leak through out skin and cause breast cancer?

It supposedly contains aluminum.

Is chocaloate healthy or unhealthy for you?

There are many opinions out there that point either way. I know it boosts serotonin levels.

natural cure for cfs?

I have chronic fatique symptom. I think it partially has to do with the amount of coffee I'm drinking and cigarettes I'm smoking.

Natural equivalent of Viagra?

how to stop sugar craving?

I'm attracted to foods that are loaded with sugar! Especially, canned, processed foods that I know are bad for me and I still eat them!

David Walker Cancer Treatment?

Anyone has an opinion on it? I've heard good and bad things about it.