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CFS leaky-gut Article Info ?

Hello there ^_^

I just got finished reading an article on the site and i'm curious to who
wrote it and if that person can be contacted.
Here is the article:

I'm really impressed with this article and would love to be able to ask the
person who wrote it a few questions.


Treatment help

Illness problem:

Patent Name : Rita Sarkar
Problem 8years Runing
Poor appetite
Weight gain
Changes in sleeping patterns (sleeping very little or a lot)
Agitation (excessive restlessness)
Lack of energy
Loss of interest in usual activities
Feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness
Guilt or self-blame
Inability to think or concentrate
Thoughts of death or suicide
Increased activity, including work, social, and sexual activity
Increased and/or rapid talking
Rapid or racing thoughts
Little need for sleep

How to stop remote monitoring?

If victim of a remote monitor ,how to stop your thoughts and mind being red
by the device?


Hypothyroid question

Hello, I have hypothyroid hasimoto.Please tell me what type of capsule or
herb do you sell for this disease. Thank you


Son's schizophrenia

my son Bria is suffering from schzio-affective disorder for 10 years. It
happen to him when he went to college. If you can help him, please do for he
issuffering. This thing has rob him from living the life that GOD gave him.


his mother/Sherry

Scottish Thyroid/Adrenal Petition PE01463

Writing to congratulate you on your article, and perhaps the connection with
the information below.

Myself, along with two other Scottish ladies are petitioning the Scottish
Government, regarding Thyroid/Adrenal conditions. PE01463 (Links below).

We wanted to raise the awareness of the inadequate testing and treatment of
conditions relating to these conditions. Particularly the failure of the
medical profession to recognise the CONVERSION OF- INACTIVE T4 TO THE ACTIVE
T3 Thyroid hormones, and also the importance of having ample cortisol to help

Where is Dr. Chachoua clinic at?


How to buy dulse?

hi there,i am in Montreal and love to buy some dulse for myself, at the store
one small back is 4.49 and i can not afford it so please can you give me a
price if i want to buy more,i am not sure if there is a expiring date if so i
will buy less

I will love to hear from you and appreciate very much your approach and care
for the product

Thank you


Reuse cancer picture?

Is it possible for me to reuse a picture of bladder cancer staging in a book


How to contact Dr. Ionescu?

Hello. I was wondering how to get in contact with Dr. Ionescu in regards to
getting an appointment at his clinic. Thank you for your time.


Searching for a Friend with schizophrenia

I have a friend who is suffering from schizophrenia - seems to be improving
and is for the moment in respite care.
This person still seems to be suffering and bewildered by "voices" -
unpleasant apparently - I have some memory of it B3 being a help - I've been
searching Patrick Holford's works - and am particularly impressed - there are
a few medical articles which I will follow up - rather I wished to give this
person hope - as they think - like the orthodox medic understanding - there
is none - I have seen an article about how someone became a lawyer- however

Progesterone Deficiency, Yes; Estrogen, Maybe (Raquel Martin & Judi Gerstung)

I was not sure from reading the following article on your website, when it was published.

If you have information about the date, I would appreciate knowing.

Thank you,
Kathi D.

Prostate ( BPH)

I deal with none bacterial (BPH) often and wanted to learn if Red Palm Oil
is good or bad for my condition. I am a 50 year old white male living in
east cost US.


Alex S

Histamine injection question

At one time I was taking histamine injections. I am badly needing to get
back on my injections and need a doctor. Can you refer me to a doctor?
Lynn J

How to begin natural treatment for schizophrenia

Hello, I saw your video on for Natural Cure for Depression,
Bipolar, ADHD, Schizophrenia.I"m interested in pursuing a natural course of
treatment rather than medicine.I'm currently diagnosed as psychosis unknown.
Between schizophrenia and depression and am taking 4 mg resperidon for meds.
But I would like to begin natural treatment. Please let me know how I can do
this. Thanks.

Sodium Ascorbate (vitamin C) treatment for drug addiction

Just wanted to thank you for posting the video on you tube Heroin, Cocaine,
Crack, Meth Addiction Treatment. This treatment does work I came across it
about 7 years ago from this website
I tried it on myself more then a year ago. I was on methadone for 12 years.
Detox took me about 10 days with no withdrawals at all. To sodium ascrobate i
added a few things that I thought would help me detox. I was absolutely
amazed at the results since then have also gotten other people clean from

OCD questions for son

My son was diagnosed with OCD, he has been on citalpram, he has been on it for
two weeks , the first week 10mg and the second weeks 20mg. And he is
experiencing memory loss.crying anxiety, repeating word and doing things
repitiously. He has gotten worse. I just don't know what to do, He lost his
father a couple of years agp they was very close and I am on a fixed
income.He had ocd since he was 11yrs, but never took medication for it now He
is 18 and it got worse, please help.



J'ai la maladie de Hashimo et je souhaite guérir par voie naturelle.
Pouvez-vous m'informer de l'endroit où je peux m'acheter des herbes afin de
guérir naturellement.
Merci pour votre réponse


Barley grass question

Hello! and thank you for this great articles!
I would like to ask you a question,if you please can help me with an advice.
I am drinking daily a barley grass juice made from powder(it is a Nikken
product which is made from 95% young, organic barley grass and 5% organic
maltodextrin).What I wanted to ask you is-can I use this powder also for

what do you think?

Thank you very advance!:)

What is the price and some more questions about DCA for cancer

My cousin has a cancer and doctor told him to shrink a cancer that he need to
take dichloroacetate. Please, how can I order it? Is it approved in Canada?

Also, if that is available to buy, what is the price for a month, 3 months
and six months? How to use it, is it a pill or powder and how safe it to use?
How successful is in the treatment?
Thank you!


Where to buy Valerianheel?

Where can I find Valerianheel? Is there more than one formulation available
from different companies, or is this a proprietary formula?
found your site and read the article, "A Natural Alternative for Treating
Anxiety and Insomnia" after a friend recommended Valerianheel for my anxiety.
Is this a proprietary blend and where is it available?

Thank you,


cancer - savidis ilias (GREECE)

This is an urgent letter to dr. martin
Asking for help for a patient who is suffering from cancer to small intestine
and pancreas, he has been operated twice and part of his intestine has been
removed. He has been given radiation therapy, wich ended on march 2013. He is
now suffering from severe pain to such an extent, that he is unable to sleep
or work at all. There is a possibility of metastasis to other organs. He is
44 years old. He has been hospitalized again in order to be given pain
killers. I would kindly request your immediate reply on his case it there is

Looking Caraway and peppermint Oil

I have looked everywhere for a the combination of caraway and peppermint oil
that you mentioned in your study, but have only been able to find essential
oils in separate quantities and peppermint enteric coated capsules sold
separately and with other products than caraway. Please refer me to the
supplier you used or refer me to a place where I can get both products in an
effective ratio in and enteric coated form to help with my IBS.


help for all stone treatment

Sir, I have detected gall stone of 21.5 mm stone in gall bladder. kindly
advise me and what is its treatment.


Cancer care clinic question

o you have a clinic or consulting rooms in Lisbon please? I am looking for
Dr Serge Jurasunas or anyone who works with him.

Thank you, Jean S.

Psychosis and schizoprhenia question

I have a daughter who suffers from psychosis/ schizophrenia. Where can I find natural treatments for her? we live in the Netherlands, North of Amsterdam.

Thank you for your kind help.


Cateract question

is there a pill that can help sugar cataracts. I took LANTUS now I am going


Depression , PMS, Hormone balance, Paxil, Progesterone creams

I would like to meet with a Doctor who can help with me with the above issues
my problem has increased and I feel it may be perimenopause, this has been
ongoing since the birth of my daughter 11 years ago hence the paxil I am
finding it very difficult to function, ,

thank you.

Need help with Hydrazide Sulphate cancer treatment

My brother is battling pancreatic cancer for the last two years. He is almost
in his last stage. We want to try everything we can save him. I just came
across Hydrazine Sulfate and it looks very promising. However; there is some
controversary over it which causes some alarm. I went to Wikipedia and here
is what it says:

Hydrazine sulfate is toxic and carcinogenic.[34][35] Nevertheless, the
short-term side effects reported in various clinical trials are relatively
mild:[6] minor nausea and vomiting, dizziness and excitement, polyneuritis

Questions about DCA treatment to help friend with cancer

A dear friend of mine has terminal cancer and will most likely not
make it to February. There is a good chance he would try DCA free and with a
waiver if it stood a chance of saving his life. I could be wrong, if he's in
the "acceptance" stage he may be just too tired. I am willing to drive
thousands of miles to pick up the goods, bring him down ect.... though am low
on funds. I bet I could at least come up0 with a good chunk of money though
with local donations, friends, & family so even if any idea is expensive,
please do share.