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What lifestyle choices weaken the immune system?

alcohol? tobacco smoke?

non-meat source of proteins?

i'd like to know how vegans get their proteins without meat or meat derived products.

what foods are rich antioxidants?

a brief list would be appreciated.

What's the most effective way to build your immune system to avoid catching diseases?

Preferably through natural means

what food provides the highest source of vitamin c?

the obvious answer would be orange but the obvious isn't always the correct.

whole grains i can get at a local supermarket?

i'm beginning to like this health craze, whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables.


food sources of vitamin E?

It seems to be a miracle vitamin going from what I've read.

what are natural fats? what fats are good for the brain?

i had no idea the brain is made of 60% fats. can someone create a list of what natural fats are good for the brain

Best source of Omega 3 fats?

I've read that essential fats are necessarily for a healthy brain, particularily Omega 3 fats. Fish is a good source, as I understand, but I worry abou the mercury content in fish and farmed fishes. Is there another source of obtaining Omega 3 fats other than fish?

Thank-you in advance....Barry

How do cows and some dinosaurs become so big if they don't eat meat?

In general, how do herbivores become so big if they don't eat meat? If cows eat only grass, how do they get all the necessary nutrients to become big? Curious.

Is there any truth that some medications cause hair loss?

I'm worried because there is not a pattern of hair loss in my family but yet I'm the first male experiencing it. I'm on several prescription meds, all of which prescribed by my general physician.

Need information on biofeedback

how effective is it? what conditions is it used for? personal experiences?

Where to get Arthritis pill?

Where can we buy this pill that you have made from boron? I have arthritis
in my hands, back, knee's and feet. The medicne the the doctors prescribed
for me caused me to loose 50% use of my kidney's, so I quit taking it and
am not taking aloe, which has helped some, but I still suffer with pain
and have to take pain medicine. I am 64 years old and I am so tired of not
being able to do things that I love to do.

Thank you.........Sandra

how do they make red wine out of white grapes?

I originally throught that red wine came from red or black grapes but a friend told me that this wasn't the case.

what is the difference between scientific evidence and clinical evidence?

which one is more reliable?

self-realization through meditation?

i recently saw a youtube video on meditation. does it really works, does
the self can be realized by this process. can we really reach the level of
superconciousness by this. can we attain the highest ''The Brahmin''
through this method.


Himalayn crystal salt?

Anyone have an opinion on it? This is my initial research on it:

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest and most beneficial salt available. Millions of years ago, a primordial sea was evaporated by the sun, leaving absolutely pristine crystalline salt. Today, this crystal salt, buried deep in the Himalayan Mountains, is mined and processed gently by hand to bring you a salt that still retains the original qualities of this ancient body of water.

what are refined carbohydrates?

what foods often contain them? what is unhealthy about them?

Meditation CD availability ?

Saw the video on youtube.Would like to know whether a CD is available ?


how do quantum physics and addiction interact

I am trying to do research on the link between relapse and old emotions trapped in the body.

difference between nutraceuticals, phytonutrients, and glyconutrients

there's so much to learn in the field of natural medicine. oh yeah, don't forget herbs!

using your picture

Hello everybody
I would like to use on picture of yours for a documentary about the
hormone system. The documentary would be used for the "Junior Science
Academy" and there will also be a webside about it. And because of the
copy-right, I wanted to ask if it's okay, if I use this picture?

I hope somebody could answer quickly.
Sincerely yours
Sandra Salvasohn

how can i heal peoples pain and wounds?

I see people heal others with their energy and believe and i really want to help others especialy my mom and heal to
If you guys can help or atleast give me a good deriction of how i should start then i would be so thankfull

Best wishes and mary christmas


help with 11 year old son on prescription drugs

My 11 year old son is taking 450 mg of lithium, 125 mg of Seroquel and 20
mg of Paroxetine daily. After six months that started in a intensive care
unit at the hospital for 10 days due to uncontrolable rages and
irritation, the last 7 day i-for the first time- he is very well. He is
happy with good mood and no rages at all.
Would you recomend the EM power plus eeven in this conditions? Do you have
to quit your current medication? when?

Thak you very much and congratulations for your

Francisco Armanet

want to learn about quantum healing

I would like to learn Quantum Healing
Please tell me how can I ?
Dr Rajesh M Shinde
355, Raviwar Peth
Kasar Galli
Karad - 415110
mobile +919890797840

Dr Rajesh Shinde

centers for treating depression with natural substances

I recently tried to contact the Brain Bio Center in Princeton, NJ, but
could find no listing. Please let me know if it has moved, and if there
are similar centers near Rhode Island.

Craig S MacInnes

help with son's psychotropic drugs

treatment/natural cure, my 18yrs old son is on paroxetine 30mg 2tab am and
seroquel 300mg 3tab at night,the medication started less than 2 month ago
, the sickness started about 2yrs ago. violent agaist himself persistent
jerking, or uncontrollable movement when he is in crisis . we need
immidiate help before he get to hook on the drug.
we live in brapton, ontario just 50km to toronto. thank you.

john adeshigbin

Bipolar Book

I have read your book and have bipolar disorder. I have searched the
internet for Quiet Mind but I cannot find it. Can you help me out? Thank

Peggy Leah

seeking alternative healers

I was hoping you would be able to provide me with help in my area. The
fish oil has completely transformed my life. I just suffered a trauma,
ten days ago. I am working with essential oils. bach remedies,
meditation and prayer and other healers. I was seeking alternative
healers near by. I live in New Jersey.
Thank you, Meg

Chronic Fatique

I read your article on how you cured chronic fatigue and am very excited. I
have a lot of brain fog and cognitive loss so i was pretty overwhelmed but
i wil print it and read it a few times. I nearly died 3 years ago from 13
or 14 medications and the trauma and the stress from a tragic year after
that caused chronic fatigue and blew out my immune system. I have Hep C,
EBV and Herpes with Candida. Now CFS. I have used natural remedies for 2
years and my body began to function better in after a year and my suicidal
depression gave way for a few months but I am getting sick again and was