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Ascorsine 9 Tower lab products

How to these products rate, for arterial cleansing

Lynne Morgan

What are the similarities and differences between cancer cells and normal cells?

How do you turn cancer cells into normal, healthy cells?

Why do drugs have side effects?

If they're made by scientists!

Trusted brand for natural progesterone?

thanks for the informative section on breast cancer. any recommendations?

Not clear on whether sauna and steam rooms are healthy or not?

We excrete toxins through sweat and saunas and steam rooms are good at bringing sweat out. I've been told they're good for detox. I recently read Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau and he recommended staying away from saunas and steam rooms.

Can anyone clear this up?

Are single nutrients sold as supplements not drugs because they are synthesized in labs? mimic the effects of the original nutrients. As an example, most vitamin C is not from a natural source but synthesized to mimic the effects of the natural vitamin. In great doses, does this not mean that vitamins can act as drugs and cause a chemical imbalance?

There is even an article concerning this on your site:

Tibetan herbal formalae therapy for metastic/breast cancer?

Have there been tests or studies done on it?

EM s True Hope Power Plus / supplement therapy for bi-polar etc

I have been diagnosed with bi-polar manic depression etc. I have cancer of the abdominal area & cannot afford to have the stomach side effects constipation, of traditional treatments like Lithium,.....can you send me some more information about this program & if there are any clinical trials that are available for the supplement, of how i can get it????

me know asap thanks


Raw or cooked: Which provides more nutrients?

Raw or cooked: Which provides more nutrients?

Organic versus non-organic?

What is the nutrient difference?

Lyme disease and schizoprenia question

My husband has FINALLY been diagnosed w/Lyme Disease in his brain. Due to this disease, he's been suffering w/ schizophrenic you know of a natural medication for schizophrenia (risperidol/"Risperdal" is the name of the prescription form, which DOES help him, but w/side effects).

Shark cartilage cures cancer?

any proof, studies on this? sharks don't get cancer?

Statistics on depression and Prozac?

I spent the whole day searching for stastics on depression and, especially, Prozac. I want to give a speech and I need data to back up my hypothesis. Could you help me out?

Tell me where to find reliable statistics on the topics for the years 1987 till 2009?

Best regards.
Silke Kaercher

I am prescribed daily dose of medicines for my weak heart functioning 70% only. Do I have any better choice ?

Anziography shows my heart is functioning 70% only as muscles became weak. Therefore, I am advised daily dose of medicines for the life time. Do I have any better choice to avoid side effects of medicines ?

what is your opinion of the Vita-Mix processor?

as a juicer and overall food blender? I have read good things about the Vita-mix and it has received good reviews.

Brenda Simms

Is there a quality difference between magnesium and magnesium stearate?

I'm assuming that one is natural and the other synethetic, or is magnesium stearate a sub-product of magnesium?

Tablets or gel caps?

When taking supplements, is the body more adapted to tablets or gel caps?

Is there any truth that medications are made of petrochemicals?

The same petrochemicals found in plastics and gasoline...that medications also contain aluminum and fluoride? Let's take Prozac as a starting point. What ingredients are used to make Prozac?

what is craniosacral therapy?

does anyone have experience with it?

Delayed Allergy testing location?

I am trying to locate places that offer the Delayed Allergy testing as
referenced in the for .pdf downloads on this enCognitive website.
Your help is deeply appreciated.

Ralph Lewis

do carcinogens cause cancer?

this is an ongoing debate with no conclusive end.


Is borax a derevative of boron?? can u give me more details as to how to use borax to remedy arthiritis or the diferent names/brand of sodium borate so i can buy from the stores or any other info to remedy arthiritis

Ozone blood therapy for breast cancer?

Please I look for a place (better around Miami) for : ozone blood therapy
- for my wife with breast cancer with metastasis - liver and bones.

Thank you very much
Pedro Lazaro

Homeopathic medicine for L5 nerve injury

I have L5 nerve injured during surgery since 8 years I am taking many pain
killer medicine and have pain pump install but still having pain please
advice me what kind of homeopathic medicine help me in this circumstances

jawaid Mehmood

Purchasing meditation videos


I would like to know if your meditation can be purchased in cds or dvds? Thank You,