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Where to buy sodium tetraborate?

can a senior become manic depressive?

feedback on lugol's iodine please

has anyone used it? is it an all natural product? can it be used as part of a cancer treatment program?

Please help me with schizophrenia

my name is dylan and i am very very ill. I have been on and off every
type of psyche med and tried just about every treatment and i fear i am
near death. If i don't take an ambien pill, my eustacians tubes fill up
with some vile fluid that runs into a "trap" in the back of my neck and
into what im guessing is the lining in between my brain and skull. It
moves around like clockwork and my ears pop like crazy, my nasal cavities
close up and and my body throbs with anxiety. I get some kind of build up
of gas in my stomach and the bloating makes me sick, my mouth dry and i

would you recommend anything for panic attacks, anxiety?

I have suffered from depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome for a few years. Think i just got burnt out, coupled with a relationship breakup and havent been able to get on top of things. I want to go down the natural road but also feel i am in such a state of stress that my mind and body need a break, to relax and recuperate. Feel im stuck in a cycle of stress and so no time for my body and mind to heal. I never switch off really. Any suggestions?

Input about dr Hal Huggins...

This is related to dental amalgams.

Tryptophan vs 5-HTP

I saw your Codex vid on youtube and was very impressed. Visited your site
and saw post on depression, and your preference for 5-HTP over Tryptophan.
I side with Trypotphan because goal is brain serotonin, and 5-HTP is
absorped in gut with some going to brain. Also, Tryptophan depletion is
shown in various disease states (i.e. autoimmune), so go with Tryptophan.
I'm really interested in your opinion. Please let me know. If you have a
couple seconds, send your opinion on our Tryptophan product--TotalSleep. and the related paper:

I'd like some information on a device called Syncrometer

It's supposed to detect toxins in cancer patients

Does food lose nutrients after it's sterilized?

Baby food would be affected, no?

fast green or food green 3 a carcinogen?

i'd like someone's opinion on this please.

Ozonated oregano oil research?

Any research as to its effectiveness for treating cancer?

Is there a link between tattoos and cancer?

Supposedly, synthetic dyes seep through the skin and enter the organs. Any research done on this?

Success / Info. on blood type diet?

Blood type therapy for cancer?

do you have any treatment for selective mutism

Homeopathic practitioners in Israel?

Got onto your website while looking where I can get hold of Homeopathic
medicines in Israel. Can you help??


BiPolar: EmPowerplus Questions

How many "pig pills" must a person take each day? I read that when
EmPowerPlus was started, that the person took 32 pills each day. Is this
still the necessary dosage?

Also, can I buy them online-only from your website or is there any other
outlet here in the U.S. that sells them?

Thank you.

Kay Lee

Opinion on whey protein as meal replacement?

Is it possible to replace meat protein with whey protein shakes?

Please clear up whether avocado and coconut fats are good fats or bad fats

Some books say they are healthy fats and others say they are unhealthy fats and can increase LDL cholesterol. please clear this up.

what are symptoms of dehydration?

A friend told me that her depression and moods springs were caused in part by dehydration. Is there any truth to this?

Difference between getting water from soda, coffee, tea than from drinking water?

Eight glasses of water a day but does it matter where the water comes from?

What are some foods that contain high sources of soluble and insoluble fiber?

Fiber is supposed to be good for digestion, a good list would be useful.

Is it possible to get all the nutrients required for survival and optimal health from a liquid diet?

I've read that the body absorbs nutrients via liquids efficiently than through gel capsules, powder, or tablets. But if I only obtain nutrients through liquids and no solid foods--I guess through a liquid diet, is it feasible to get all the nutrients I need?

List of legumes that are rich in proteins?

Legumes are supposed to be rich in proteins, what legumes are viable for replacing meat protein in my diet?