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How to deal with bipolar disease in a loved one

My husband - soon to be ex - exhibits many of the more regrettable signs of depression and bipolar, including extreme irritability and hostility plus, I suspect, promiscuity. Of course, he does not see any problem with his lifestyle - currently he has left the home. I do not have much influence or hope that he will ever seek help but I do wonder about claims that nutritional supplements such as those sold by 'True' may alleviate the symptoms.

what is the best cure for arthritis?

Symptoms : chronic fatigue, muscle tightness, neck pain with spinal inflammation, dry eyes and sensitivity to light

where to get ann wigmore books?

I would like to buy Ann Wigmore book, Be your own Doctor. Is that one you actually have in stock. Can I buy multiple copies?
Thank you.


Orotates in Germany?

Did you know that orotates were banned in Europe because studies were made on rats who took orotates and the results showed that orotates cause rats cancer. I have been taking orotates since 15 years and my homeopathe told me that in fact the orotates where prescribed to prevent cancer. I find it disgusting that they should ban them just because pharmaceutical companies are behind all this. Do you know if in Germany orotates are sold just the same?

Graziella G.

Dr. Whiting's diabetes video

during the video Dr. Whiting mentions a low carb diet for diabetes. He states that he'll tell us where to ontain a copy of it and I wanted that information. Can you please e-mail to me. After watching the video I realized that I need to change my lifestyle NOW. 8 years ago I donated a kidney, so I only have one, and need to really take care of it. please Help

Research question DCA + Methylglyoxa

I'm an italyan physician and i'm trying to improving the therapy of my wife, 36 aa, suffering from an anaplastic astrocytome, by affecting the methabolic pathway. I have 1 year of stable disease with DCA therapy ( more gamma-tocotrienols also able to affect the mithocondrial pathway, also sodium phenilbutyrate, noscapine, hydroxyurea and other low toxic therapies), and now i'm going to add methylglyoxal, monitoring the bloods analysis very well. I read this papers about the ability of curcumin to inhibit glioxalase I, and therefore to exert anti-tumor effect.

Bipolar question

I have a dear friend who is losing her battle with bipolar, am not sure she's taking her meds and if she is they aren't helping much. she has been in this state for years now. at the end of the clip it was said that patients shouldnt just start taking these suppliments ontop of their psychotropic meds so tell me, do you know of any doctors that are willing to help patients make the transition from their current meds to Empower? We are in Toronto, Ontario. I would really like to help her and see her come back to her senses. She is such a lovely gentle lady when she is herself.


where to get meditation video?

where can i get the video on spiritual reality--journey within--that i saw on youtube--i am greatful for any input--john

looking for natural uterine cancer treatment for my Mother

My mother has been diagnosed with uterine, stomach and bone cancer. She does not want to do the radiation and chemo therapies her doctor is suggesting. We are looking for a natural, holistic way to hopefully reverse her situation.

Thank you.


Where to get Simply Organic spices and grinders?

Can you please tell me where I can purchase those products in the Montreal or Ottawa area in Canada.



where to get cancer salves book?

do you carry the cancer salves book by Ingrid Naiman? how much?
If not, do you know who else may carry it locally in san diego?


Advice for bipolar

I'm looking for advice. Ina desperate situation. had a child in Jan 09, suffered post part epidsode. Not full blown. Placed my child in voluntry foster care. Father around but not in relationship with me. social services assessed us both. decided not to return my child to me because 'stress of raising a child could trigger furthur episode' - basicallly judged me to be unfit to parent because of bi polar. I was diagnosed 20 yrs ago. had awful battle with medications. 6 yrs ago, came off meds, made some significant changes, and started self exploration.

What is your opinion on vaccines for babies, children and adults?

Modern medicine(pediatricians and family medical docs) and the US government promotes them. I have been informed that they(vaccines) are more harmful than beneficial and am pregnant with my second child. I am 22 years old and just entered the natural world. I stopped vaccinating my first child at 6 months. Thank you for your input all :)

Question on cancer

Primary cancer=Esophagus cancer
Secondary= cancer brain metastasis

I wish to know if there is any of the medicine that works for my case,were to get it from and dosage,and also a protocol suitable for my case i am 71 years old.


Question on removing root canal

I have a tooth that may be abscessing and I used to agree that all root canals are bad however I've subsequently learned from experience that removing teeth can be equally damaging and still not necessarily solve your problem. my question is DO YOU HAVE DENTISTS THAT WOULD DO A ROOT CANAL AND USE GUTTA PERCHA WITHOUT MERCURY OR BARIUM WHERE COULD I FIND THEM?


Help for son seems to have developed a spiritual schizophrenia

I live in the State of Washington near Seattle I very much need help for my son. I believe your hydrogen methods could be of help. Is there any help here in Washington? My son is 36 yrs old and has developed symptoms since he started seeing spirits about a year and a half ago. The problems began when he started hearing them. Now he hardly speaks to anyone and he lives in complete paranoia most of the time. I am very desperate to help my son I
do not believe in anti-psychotic drugs.

Please help.


Permission to use images?

I work for Avon Fire and Rescue Service in Bristol, England, in the capacity of Occupational Safety and Health Officer.

I’m contacting you to request permission to use 2 of your images I have found via a Google images search for use in an internal operating procedure I am putting together for the Fire Service. The procedure relates to safe use of chemicals at work and the images I wish to use highlight potential routes of entry into the body that hazardous substances take.

If possible, I would like to use the following images:

1- image of the respiratory system, found here

Help for son with schizophrenia

In April of 2010 my son committed some crimes very out of character. He has 9 felony charges against him. His history is that he has always been different and was diagnosed ADD as a young child. His grades were never very good. He always had one issue or another. Four months prior to the crimes, he started to act strange, claimed to hear peoples thoughts, couldn't get noise out of his head, started to become more agitated which alarmed me. We agreed that a new start with male influence would help

parsley juice

Have you got any parsley jucie in stock if you do then please get back
to me as soon as possible


Need some Liver Cancer remedies

Could I have someone from your office or business contact me for some
information to help a relative with Liver Cancer.
They have just been diagnosed and I have heard and experienced great
success years ago from Dr. Hans Napier.

Bob D.

tuck pads?

Is it safe to use Tucks pads containing witch hazel while trying to


brain cancer cure

would like more information about a cure for brain cancer

Frelisa H.

a way to circumvent the fda regarding natural health?

can someone at your organization verify if this is possible?

Homeopathic practitioner near PA?

Are there MD homeopathic practitioners recommended near me? I live in New
Holland, Pa. I'm having symptoms of Lupus but am not formally diagnosed


treatment of brain tumor by accupuncture?

my sister whose brain tumor had been operated in 2003 ,and since then
minor troubles appeared ,but now she developed ulcer in her frontal lobe .
And the surgeon said it is infected bone that needs to be operated . if it possiblewith accupuncture

rimal badri
kathmandu nepalt

meditation lights I see in meditation?

my name is Daniele I am Italian. I want to ask what are the
colored lights that I see in meditation? I see the color green and purple.

thanks daniele (italy)

Prostate Cancer spread to hips and femur

I am 83 and diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 1999 with a Gleason 6. No
chemo or other treatments and using Dr. Kelley's pancreatic enzymes and
nutrition but now has spread to bones. Do you treat this kind of cancer: I
have to cath myself since the prostate is so enlarged and now have pain in
the left leg. What type of treatment do you use and the furation of
treatment plus cost. Please forward information so I can make a decision.

Charles A.