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A way to stop taking Morphine with vitamin C?

i need to know how i can stop taking morphine by using vitamin c.

please help me ,what should i do?

Have you ever had a break through in your spiritual awakening?

Have you ever had a break through in your spiritual awakening? Like activating and opening of your third eye? I have a theory of why many people can't do this, even if they practice for many years. I know someone who achieve this because he was an ascended master in his past life. He told me i had blockage in my third eye, but he didn't exactly told me why. I believe its the calification of my pineal gland from fluoride. Also it might be my mercury tooth fillings. When i was little, i used to see colors when i mediated.

Is digestive enzymes are really helpful for inflammatory bowels ?

Plant-derived digestive enzymes will provide nutritional support for healthy digestion and to avoid inflammatory bowels


Which testing will get to the bottom of my metabolic issues?

Which testing will garner the most information, I know that I have the MTHFr inborn gene error and am now on the correct type and quantity of Methylfoalte. However, I probably have extra copies of the 2D6 Cytochrome P405 enzyme, have a slightly fast phase one of the liver, and the best we can tell, NORMAL rate of clearing in Phase 2.

how to come off heroin naturally

using vitamins an d minerals ect.

help with boyfriend's gambling addiction

I don't no what to do anymore he has gambled so much that we are in so much debt he keeps lying to me saying he's not gambling anymre then i find out he's lying again i feel like walking out on him but i love him too much to do this it is so unfair when i confront him he just loses it with me.

please help



Mother has colitis



I just joined the website. I found it very interesting. Can someone tell me briefly about this website. I couldn't locate the "about us" tab to get a clear understanding of what this website is about.

Thank you in advance for your response to this question.

Ms. Asyur

Enquiry about Dermatron

thank you for your giving information about dermatron machine. Please may i know where i can buy this machine that is dermatron.

Abshir Jama

Treatment of Hodgkin's Lymphoma for our 14 years son

Kindly advise the cost and the length of stay for treating the above mentioned disease? Our son has gone through his fourth chemo and was at third stage. Doctors has seen remission of the cancer but would like to move away from chemo into alternative medicine.


Do you supply supplements?


Gerald Mitchell

Thyrotoxicosis v. Anxiety/Depression

I am looking for a doctor who has broad experience in endocrinology and alternative treatments with whom to discuss
my current conditions. My main question is, "At what point does thyrotoxicosis or thyroxine suppression therapy post papillary carnicoma, become generalized anxiety disorder or depression if the symptoms are similar if not the same ?"


Prostate cancer questions

Dr. T. Jerald Aldhizer told me about Dr. Block. He said you are the best doctor in the country for prostate cancer, so I would like to know how a very special friend of mine can see you. He was just dio'ed with adinocarcinoma. His gleson is 2 at 6 and 2 at 8. He was told that the cancer is aggressive. He has IBS too.

How long of a wait do you have to see a new patient? Is there place to stay like for example, the Ronald McDonald house, or low cost lodging. Will you please send all information you can by mail to me.

Thank you for your great work and I look forward to meeting you.

I want to know where I can get a bindi shirodhora message in NYC?

I am interested in the bindi shirodhara message. Where can I get that tyoe of message in NYC.

Minerva C.G.

cause adrenal rush?

when i lay down my heart starts to race and my face gets flushed maybe vagus nerve

your treatment of bipolar?

where are you located? and how can a person be treated by you.


microcurrent after a facelift

I have a quick question. I had microcurrent treatments 10 weeks after a SMAS facelift. I had asked my plastic surgeon and he said it was fine. After 2 treatments I thought my face looked a little looser. But it was hard to tell if my facelift was softening which happens after a few months. I did a little research on the internet and 2 people told me to STOP NOW. I guess there was a chance that it was loosening instead of tightening. I was very surprised to hear this. Do you know any facts regarding microcurrent right after a facelift.

bipolar depression

I have trouble taking anti depressents - is there a natural



I am a 54 year caucasion male living in South Africa and have been diagnosed with Skin Lupus.I am currently being treated with cortisone but really would like to get the diet for Lupus recommended by Dr. Gerson.Please reply as we have very little help in S.A. with regards Lupus.

Thank You.

John H.

Supplements for gallstones?

I suffer from chronic gallstones and want to avoid surgery at all costs. Can you suggest any supplements particularly Chinese herbs and other that can dissolve my gallstones. Do you sell these supplements.

Many thanks,


ulcerative colitis

whats the best diet to eliminate this condition?

Tom Holdsworth

Cure Brain cancer -Brain cancer Glioma IV

Can you send me some options of how to proceed using your clinic,

She is now following Budwig's diet without CELLECT now , but starting on
Apricot kernels, Leatrile B17... And she has been operated in the beginning of november.

Best Regards
Henrik B.


my question to you would be,can taking several homeopathy medicines actually be the cause of my fillings in teeth to push there way out .I believe that is what is happening to my mouth.I have been on a variety of homeopathy remedies now for close to a year,and from time to time pieces of the fillings spread there way out. I feel no pain in mouth when it happens.(yet)-If I had the rest taken out,do you know what the price would run me at ?.....ect.I guess I do have a few questions.



How to purchase meditation DVD?

Dear Mr./ Mrs.

I want to buy DVD of your How To Meditate Videos from Part 1 to 12. I am
from Bulgaria. Do you sell theese videos trough your website ? Shall wait
for your reply.

Sincerely: Ilian Todorov

Homeopathic treatment from Dr. R.A.F.Jack?

live in india, and would like to know if treatment by mail is possible and
the approx costs

Thomas C.

Would you please recommend some guided meditation cd's or dvd to begin a practice?

Thank you so much for your time regarding this matter.



Good supplement combo for relaxing?

I have been cleaning and came across your article on Fibromyalgia and relaxin. I attended a seminar in Chicago a while back , maybe it was your wife....I would like to know if you could recommend a treatment for me...58 years old, female history of joint pain and back pain relieved by massage tx some of the time.. History of chronic hives, take zrrtec anc a homeopatchic remedy, recently dev'd shoulder pain. What would be a good combo of supplements....? I am willing to try them...Have in the past not able to find a good guider in the area presently.

Joan H.

How to purchase meditate CD-DVD-video?

Hello and thank you for all the knowledge you're sharing. Through, youtube I found you and have begun meditating to help with pain. I've had depression for years which is unbelievably better but I'm still on medication.

Next week I'm having a hysterectomy and I'm concerned about the pain. I would be deeply grateful if you have any for sale please contact me at your convenience. Yours is the only one that seems to sooth me into mediation.

Kimberly D.

cure diabetes type2