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CD/ DVD Requirement of Meditation

I want CD/DVD in Hindi & English.
How can I get it?
Please confirm.


a book written by james Barr on the construction of Rife machine

I would like to get a copy of this book on how to build a Rife Machine

Diane J.


Healing depression and Bipolar without drugs. Help please, a very good
friend 's 7 year old son has just been diagnozed with Bipolar in South
Africa. I will get your book to read more and have looked into the
OmegaBrites. Apart from this diagnoses she has conveyed to me that he is
gifted (educational and emotional psychology tests revealed) with left and
right brain IQ in superior - thus the boredom but the dislike of detail -
not good at foundation
level at school especially with phonics. This year he is at a Remedial

Dr. Donald Papon - Sano Vita Analysis

I am trying to reach Dr. Papon, Homeopath. I was in touch with him a few years ago, but found the phone number no longer in service when I tried it today. Do you know if he is still practicing and how to reach him? I would really appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you.


natural healing


Meditation Videos

I was watching your meditation videos on youtube which is really great. And i watch this video almost everyday. Thanks for the great work you have done. I hope millions of people in the world will benefit from it. It would be nice if we spread this knowledge to everyone and one day our world will definitely be a better place to live. I would appreciate that if you allow me to post this meditation videos on some of the web-portal site.

Thanks and best regards.


would be grateful for advice/remedies to avoid the attack's I am 76 take medication for high blodpressure strong muscular heavy build, work out with weights, bike, some walking when pain allows me to do so.


Require Meditation videos 1 to 5

i am very much interested in these videos. They are great. Request you to provide me the download link. Are these available in HD format.

With Regards,

children with mental illness

I have 2 adult children with mental illness . Both are taking clozaril . Would like to learn more about alternative methods of healing.

Diane L.

Bipolar Disorder

I have been reading your book; I know I have hope now to be healed with
vitamins etc. Can you please help me by being my doctor? I live in Alexandria, VA. I am in the process contacting a doctor that will be recomending the testings?
With many thanks.

Bethlehem H.

bipolar information

I am french, and read the article about Dr Raymond Forbes: could you please give me his professionnal email for i might ask him some informations?

Thank you.


Oxygen elements max

I wanted to order the above product but was unable to buy it on your web site. Do you have a phone number or can i buy via email. I look forward to
hearing from you.

marilin b

painful stomach ulcer problem

what helps with ulcer problem?

purchasing thc

can i bye thc in a spray off u





Information on Dr. Joseph Issels

Dr. Joseph Issels was the subject of a 1970 BBC documentary entitled "Go Climb a Mountain. It is nowhere to be found on the net unless you could advise me where to locate it?

Thank you kindly.
Best regards,


Men Vs Impotence

There are lots of people who are facing this kind of problems. In other words we can say that impotence means unproductive.
Yes that will be the suitable words to describe the impotence in men.

This may lead to the broken married life. This is a very serious kinds of problems. Here the mens are not able to satisfy their life partner and this leads to their separation.
The above said statements were the problems impotency by reading that don't get panic and also you don't have to worry

one's mortal brain dies, is dead, upon mortal death. one's spirit, however, lives on. who is able to explain this?

instruction manual, the holy bible, is preferred, to be 'used', as basis, thank you

what is the other name for the gastro. tract?

What cures are avaliable for schizophrenia?

Can anise help macular degeneration dry

meditation questions

i was watching your mediating video that you upload can you explain me futher more of the steps... like what is my first and last? what to and not to do? in the video i barely understand but i hope youc an help me with this meditate thing... my last question is how long does it take you to channel all of those? i hope you can tell me everything that is need to help me through my meditation that i need ....


dr. hans nieper lung cancer treatment

My father is 67 years old and he lives in Turkey. He used to smoke regularly (3 packets per day). Now he is diagnosed with lung cancer. Primary reason is the flat malignant cell (2.5 cm) in the left lung. The type is non-small cell lung carcinoma. Tumors were found under arms and in the left lymph of his neck. Armpit lump is about 1.5 cm and lymph node is about 2 cm. The stage seems to be C3 or 4. Doctors suggested chemotherapy but not surgery. Under this circumstances what do you think about our patient? Do you suggest a treatment in your clinic?

helping son schizophrenia

My son has sent me this information to me. He has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. He refuses to take drugs. he is taking Risperdal. We have medication to last two months. After these, we don't have a psychiatrist to prescribe more medication and he refused to be under a program that was recommended when he was discharged. He refuses to take more medication and has been looking for alternatives and have found you. Would you please, tell me how we can get the kind of treatment that you offer and if it would be covered by Alberta Health Care.

lung cancer cure?

Last week my father Josef, (75 years old) had an Ultrasound and it showed spots and tumor/cancer related signs on liver.

We do not know yet where cancer is but lung RTG showed a spot in the bottom of right side of lungs (originally lung specialist said it is a pneumonia...then l showed him ultrasound test and changes on a liver) we are afraid it is lung cancer. My father will do all necessery testing end of month.

where to purchase Mirtogenol?

I would like to know where I can purchase Mirtogenol in Canada. I would really like to start using it as I have Normal Tension glaucoma and am losing sight in spite of treatment. If I cannot purchase this here yet, is there a chance I could find out how much Bilberry and Pcynogenol to take to get the same effect?


where to buy mirtogenal?

My IOP, in right eye, is dangerously high.
where can I mirtogenal? is it available in USA? I live in USA