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avelox question

Dear Gentlemans please send me information about avelox , price and
posibility of buy this , this would be sending to Hollywood Fl or to
cordoba Argentina .thanks You Dante


Breast cancer cure?

I have a very close friend that has breast cancer. She is planning on going
the route of ChemoTherapy and mastectomy or Lumpectomy. I keep reading about
OZone therapy. Is there a place to go in the United Stated and better yet,
in Wisconsin? How do we get her Ozone Treatments? Please contact me back
and let me know who I should contact.
Thank you very much from a concerned friend.


Vitamin D video link?

I am contacting you because 2 months ago I uploaded a video on youtube about
vitamin D that is very similar in flavor to your "Vitamin D: The Sunshine
Vitamin" video. The link to my video is here:

Our videos overlap so much, that I would like to link them together to
reinforce the message, and was wondering if you would be interested in making
your vitamin D video a video response to mine.

I cannot submit my video to yours, as I placed it as a video response
elsewhere when I uploaded it in June. (Only one video response is allowed per

Guns vs Doctors-interesting? What kills more people

We have a Planet to save, many will loose their jobs but we have jobs waiting for everyone growing food not products.


If you neighbors who are not involved with illicit father raping pornography, the selling of raw milk, or illegal drugs by the storm troopers, get your guns and surround the Swat Team and give them two choice, give us liberty or die. It really is that simple we out gun them we out number them so when they cute, shoot to kill,

They are no longer citizens but traitors to the Constitution on which our freedom lie.

How to get copy of glyconutrients video?

I am writing this email to ask you for a copy of your glyconutrient video. I
have watched it several times, and love it.
I am a ,, Associate, and want to include this video in my powerpoint
presentation to my "downline", as a training tool. I Would assume it is
copywrite, and therefore would ask for a copy, in writing, to both access it
,and to have permission to use it.


where to buy mistletoe plant or capsule?

please do you sell the real mistletoe plant or the capsules?if you sell,
how much does it cost because i want to buy.
Thanks alot.


suffering with Hepatitis B--need help

i and my father are suffering with Hepatitis B can you please suggest Dr S P
Thyagarajan,contact details where i can meet him please help me plzzzzzzzzz


Where to purchase book "Nature's Own Candida Cure" by Helene Meurer

I am trying to locate where I can purchase a copy of this book. Please email
me any details available.


Reta R.

Help with psychose / psychosis

I am looking for an Orthomolecular practitioner in London.

My nephew, 20, is living in London. He is a schizophrenic since two years. He
has been hospitalized three times and is on tranquilizers.

I am trying to find an Orthomolecular Practioner who could advice him to take
vitamins and the right food instead.

Sincerly yours,


Help with Electronic Harassment and Mind control games

I am a victim of electronic harassment and mind crimes and I need to
know what advice that you have for me, or what help assistance I can get,
again this is an emergency and I am willing to seek your help as soon as


Suggestions for Levoxyl treatment?

I would like to have a consultation about the use of levoxyl 100 - I am
interesting in switching to a natural therapy .
I live in Sanb Juan,Puerto Rico, I am a 73 years old widow, I had gone
through traumatic events in my life, and I understand my thyeoid went wild
with very scary events. I was hospitalized and with Hadol and thyrod hormone
came back to realy.
Any sugestions? Please forgive me if I had interrupted.
Yolanda P.

Price of MSM?

May I please have prices and availability of MSM in South Africa.
Ena D.

PMS escape

Hello to anyone that can help me find this product. I am now 55 years old,
and don't have pms anymore. When I was younger it was awful, I (and anyone
else within a 50 mile radius of me) suffered with PMS. The cramps, backache
and all the physical pains were bad enough, but the moods and not being able
to think clearly took over my life for that week or 2. I would describe the
pms nightmare as this. It's like trying to see clearly through a thick
screen. I knew there were some other over the counter pills you could buy but

long term violation by entities and human spirits?

I hope you may be able to help myself and Jodi my daughter as Our lives have
become more of an existance and trying to survive .We experienc immense pain
,fatigue and have been like prisoners in a house that I was coerced into
moving to .Jodi has trouble breathing much of the time and hardly
sleeps.Healers have been unable to clear all this but I never give up hope of
finding the help we need.It feels as our bodies are not are own and have
bruises, scratches and itchy rashes .Are you able to work with our situation

how to cite reference for

reference for my paper
HI - I'm a psychology major and would really love to use your photos in
addition to some of your information. How would I cite
Thank you.


Natural treatment for pain and fibromyalgia?

I live in London, UK. I have pain all over my body and have been suffering
for 5-6 years. I am told there is no permanent cure for this kind of pain.
Since childhood I had the problem of extra acidity in my system. Reading
different websites brought me to yours.
At the moment I have lot of pain with Tendonitis. My general health is not
good at all. Kindly get in touch. Thank you.

brain tumour GBM question

I have a brain tumor (gliosbastoma multiforme) and I would like to know if
you have any treatment that could help me.
I had Gamma Knife, radiation and chemio since november last year.
I do not see any positive result and I do not believe in any conventional
treatment at all.
I met a nutritional friend that told me about you.

Do you have any treatment that maybe could help me ?

I look forward to hear from you,

Best regards,


ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) question

My sister is diagnosed to have als....What I have read and heard that this
can be not true on the what she is experincing .
she was on medication for sometime for anxiety and depression ...she was then
taken off of these things and she had a grandma spell and went to with draw
for 4 days at the hospital and then put into an nursing home for rehab...
What I saw in the first days that she was at the nursing home that my sister
was coming back to the person that she is then she spoke to the doctor about
being nervous and the doctor right away started to give her more

Information on organic sulfur study?

Dr.Joe Mercola announced this is Mercury Awareness Week and

save for your blog not a word save for the amalgams removal

folks. Personal opinion get the mercury out then consider letting

a dentist in your mouth. Brushing one’s teeth and gums with a soft

bristle tooth brush with Organic Sulfur “works,” especially when

sulfur is returned to our diet.

Sulfur a crystal food when added to our diet combines with mercury

and 145 other compounds which are eliminated into the toilet.

Mercury in dental amalgams is eliminated as mercuric sulfate.

Help with finding Raphaela Savino

I have been looking for Raphaela Savino and would like very much to contact
her.......any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.....we studied
together many years ago (if this is the same Raphaela) which I truly believe
it is....
Could you possibly forward her this message.....I know she will recognize my


Cancer Book Order

Hi I'm interested on buying this book. I want to know how can I avail it. I'm
from Philippines. Please feel free to leave a message on my email address.


natural cure for Fibromyalgia?

Can you help me. I have had chronic CFS/pain/anxiety for many years, my
mother / depressed all her life. I am intelligent, yet despairing, trying not
to take anti-depressants. Can you suggest a natural alternative to correct
the biochemical inbalance.


clarification of hair keratin?

what is the ratio of powder to hydrogen peroxide for this product? cancer treatment.

Ania M.


What does this mean? Suicidality and self-injury are common to Staphysagria.


What are the health risks with getting a vasectomy ?


About Gaston naessens Cancer Therapy

I want detail About Gaston naessens Therapy, Please guide me

Dr. Vikrant

Gbm brain cancer treatment?

My mother has just been diagnoses with cancer. We are waiting for the
pathology report to be returned, but the cancer doctor said the he was very
sure that it was gbm brain cancer. Of course they want to treat her with
radiation and chemotherapy, which will be her death. My cousins wife was
treated in Germany and she was cancer free when she left. She didn't die of
cancer, but from the damage that the treatments caused. They are trying to
find the doctor that treated her, but so far can't locate any information.

Help with daughter's schizophrenia

My Daughter has recently been diagnosed with Schizophrenia.
She is 31 and she has been in hospital 3 times now.She has also suffered for
several years with depression,it runs in my side of the family.I worry so
much about the drugs she is taking and i would love it if she could get off
them,as she would herself,because she hates any sort of drugs and has never
tried recreational drugs either,she wont even take panadol for a headach.The
doctor said if she does not take her medication this time she will be forced
to have injections.I have done alot of researce to try and help her but i

Help with heroin addiction

I have a client that is only 19 years old and struggling with heroin
addiction and relapse. He broke down and cried on my table the other day. I
want to help him, he is a sweet kid. I can not diagnose or prescribe. I would
love to see him get on an orthomolecular treatment plan. How can I find
someone in Washington State that I could refer him to?

Cure for yeast infection?

HI my name is Tani and 42 yrs old, Ive been geeting recurrent yeat infections
from last 3 months.Sometime it goes away and sometime not it itches too. But
last week i went for intense work out and i started to bleed and my periods
were not due for 2 weeks. Bleeding was not heavy but made me wonder why im
getting it when it's not time.
Please help me advice me what should I do? I do see Homeopathic dr and he
recently gave me kreosotum 30c for 3 days in a week for yeast infection. I
don't know if bleeding happened because of the aggrevation of new remedy?
thanks alot