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Wha is the alternative to cataract surgery?

I do not want cataract surgery. I can't believe it is the only way to solve cataracts. I've been doing the triphala eye wash for a couple days. Can you help me? Where are you located?


Laetrile treatment question

in one of your interviews you said that laetril treatments could be acquired here in the usa for about 2000.00 . i would like some info , because i am battling lymphoma and interested . thank you joe

Need help with unknown illness

hi my name is michael, and im suffering from some thing i dont know. need help, and wondering if u could help.if u could contact me id be great full.

Reasons not to eat meat?

Do you eat meat?

We are not here to try and persuade you to eat meat but rather make sure you are getting the nutrients that meat provides.
There are a couple of essential nutrients that meat provides that your body must have… even if you get
them from another source.

Benefit 1*

Taking warfarin with AHCC

Is it safe to take AHCC if you are on warfarin?

Natural medication for bipolar?

My brother recently has bi polar disorder and hearing voices etc.What natural medication do u offer?


herbal remedy for anxiety

You say anxiety drugs don't work based on one or two slim studies
while there are many studies that show they can be effective. You say don't
take pharmas. but then hock your "herbal" remedies as if they are the answer.
I am so disappointed. As the mother of a teenager diagnosed with a nearly
debilitating anxiety disorder (since age 11), I assure you that NOTHING
works. That is nothing works by itself, including every herbal remedy
available. The complexities that go into this disorder are not undone by

germanium questions

my first daughter is allergic to all pollens or recurrent rhinitis and sometimes respiratory failure (23 years old). My second daughter is syndrome of chiarrie bud with nail tips in a liver 2006 (currently aged 21 years) chronic fatigue, takes Previscan (anti-coagulant). Germanium could it be a good response to their evils? In what amount? Above me or gives? Thank you profondemment for your help

In French:

ma 1er fille est allergique à tous les pollens d'ou rhinites à répétition
et parfois insuffisance respiratoire(agée de 23 ans).Ma 2e fille est

Urgently need advice on Breuss an cancer treatment

My name is Joe and someone very close to me was recently diagnosed with
myeloid acute leukemia. She is going to start the Breuss cancer cure.

I need you to help me know if this is a good route to take, or any advice you
can give me. The doctor has given her less then a year and it has already
been a few months. So as you can see time is of the essence so as we do not
waste time. Thank you for your time.


Encyclopidia of Natural healing by alive group in stock?

Please let me know if you have it in stock.


Dr. Page's glandulars still available?

I studied Dr. Page's work at the Fordham Page Clinic in Malvern, PA in 1980. I am wondering if the glandulars are still available, especially post pit.

Thank you.

medicine for bipolar and depression in Saudi Arabia

What kind of medicine we can get for bipolar and depression

Alternative for chemical

And how we buy these goods in Saudi Arabia + send us your contact phone no.

Where to treat Parkinson's disease?

My son is 44 years old diagnosed with Parkinson . Could you give me a list of doctors who treat Parkinson by detoxifying the liver? Thanks.


how and where to treat heroin addiction?

Hi my friend is addicted to heroin and he won't get off it. we have been looking everywhere to treat it. Can you please tell me where should he go who can help? I found you guys on youtube. The guy was saying that you can treat it whith vitamin C. Wear do they treat people with vitamin C where can we find it?

What vitamins do I take and how do I get pure 100% quality vitamins for helping my ADHD?

I'm aware that good vitamins can help me. Unfortunately most of the vitamins i can get are under the control of "big farmma" So how do I get my hands on the right ones?

Snow rose tea question

Can you tell me at what elevation these leaves are picked and the time of
year? I am looking for the highest elevation I can find... 1000 meters? I
very much wish to find this tea!

Thank You! Bette

Gallstones question

In your article: Dissolve Gallstones with Chinese Herbs, I am very
interested, where do I get these Chinese Herbs from and how do I use it and
how much does it cost. Kind regards Diane

Moducare questions

I am very interested in intoducing the supplement Moducare to help with my
chronic immune dysfunction(low th1/high th2) after reading your article,
though given i have a low cortisol reading,was curious to know if Moducare is
safe for me to take as from what i have been reading
it lowers cortisol and i need to increase my cortisol level.

I have sent emails to a couple of company's in regards to this supplement but
nobody can give me a straight answer.So any
feedback would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Antineoplastins for treatment of brain cancer GBM4

I live in Australia and my ex-husband has had his second operation for GBM4.
He has had chemo and radiation, first time around and got through that and
remained well for two years, and then the tumour came back. He is now
paralyzed down left side after op and in rehab facility. Is there anything
we can do to save him???? Is there ANYONE using antineoplastons is Australia
or could we travel to the USA for treatment with Dr Burzynsky? Please help.

Clinical Psychology Resource Inquiry

Hi There,

I am a researcher / writer involved with a project aimed at understanding
internet addiction through a psychological lens. I recently completed a
resource covering emerging trends in internet-fueled addiction cases that I
believe would be of interest to you and your audience

I came across your website I would love to share
this resource with those who might find it useful and am curious if you are
the correct person to contact about such a request?

Thank you!



Psychotropic Drug Zyprexa concerns

This pill Zyprexa 5 mg is harming my son mentally and i have no one helping
us here in this State Massachusetts.How can you please help my son get off
this drug.This drug was given to him at a local Behavorial Hosp here in
Holyoke,Mass in 2009.A nurse here at Holyoke Hosp gave him 2 pills that she
said were 800 mg of Motrin ,but never let me see son was 16 yrs old
and i told her i never go over 600 mg for pain or fever.Can you please help
my son get off this drug that if he does not take every night will get
agitated at me his mother whom he loves very much.

Empower and bipolar question

Hello, I saw the News cast in Canada on youtube and I am very interested. I
have an nephew back in Donegal Ireland who has been Diagnosed with Bi Polar
disorder and my sister , his Mother is very upset about it .He is taking 15mg
of zyprexa and 300 mg of Seroquel. I am now an have always been a proponent
of the holistic approach to healing ,I also understand and appreciate the
fact that you want to control your product so as not to do any harm .I would
like to hear from you and I will work with you in what ever way you wish.

Natural medicine for bipolar?

My daughter is now 20 years old and was diagnosed with Bipolar when she was
16. I would like to learn more about bipolar remedy (vitamins) as an
alternative to medications.

Kidneys and gallstones questions

What a wonderfully informative site and thank you!
I am suffering from extreme kidney and gallstone pain and have now had two
gallstone attacks and your site came to interest.

Is there a way to flush out the gallstones by replacing the lemon with
another item as I have an intolerance to lemon? Also, will this cause any
problems to my kidney stones?

I look forward to your email and thank you in advance.

How to get the meditation videos?

Hello I am from Cuttack, India. I need the total CD/DVD of How to Meditatio
volume 1 to 5. Plz guide me

Access to bipolar or waking up video?

Dear Sean:
I have watched your video "Am I bipoler or waking up?" Now for some reason
have lost it.
How do I access it?
I am eighty .My son Christian is 54. He was diagnosed Bipoler about 10 years
He's caught in the "revolving" door. One pharmaceutical after another. The
medical system will not listen to me.
They are an open affront to my sense of what is correct.
I am a Primal Therapist. Studied with Art Janov in LA, Dr Verny in Toronto
and Dr. Levinson in Victoria.
About 6 years of work on myself. I know there are answers other than

MSG questions

What information can you direct me to that describes whether glutamic acid
(the adulterated version) exists in both isolated milk protein and milk
protein concentrate?

Many thanks,


How to cure bipolar the healthy way?

i am looking for a cure for my illness or atleast a healthy way to handle it.
i assume that most drugs are just a poision is lamens sense and they dont
work to support a healthy mind they are a form of genetic mutation which
ethical stating should not be allowed. i live in milford ohio usa and i was
wondering if there were any other options i could take. i am extremley
creative but due to my illness im speding more time struggling then creating.
thank you for your time.