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Do we know everything about China? Facts you'll never hear on the news

The Editor

Sub:- China is not as powerful and secure as Kissinger thinks

Ref:- (i)- Democratic uprising in NAME countries has invalidated
Kissinger’s premises in his book ‘On China’

(ii)- China is the main looser of ‘Cold War’.

(iii)- Confrontation between President and Congress over ‘War Power Act’
about Libya etc. bound to influence US policy on ‘democratization of the

(iv)- Stalemate in ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan and in Iraq too, will
also constrain USA to change its global policies.

Cayenne pepper healing properties

I have lost part of my pinky finger; the doctor did surgery on May 4th; it is
now July 7th. He said it is taking longer than usual to heal. I was
wondering if you have heard of taking cayenne pepper could produce new skin
growth. If so, how soon would I see the effects?
If I do not find a way to grow new skin/tissue he is recommending removing
more of my finger.
Thank you,

How to contact Nieper clinic in Germany?

Can you give me a phonenr. or adres of H.Nieper clinic in Hanover?

Thank you,Jeltina

Request permission to use your video on Enzymes, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Digestion

my name is sittichai tipsing. i'm thai teacher. i seen you video on youtube
about Enzymes, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Digestion. i want to use it for
learning and teaching. and i want to publish my cai for thai student. can
you permission me.
Best Regard

breast pain or breast cancer?

I have been struggling for 3 months with lumps and cysts in one
breast that is causing me severe pain, especially at night. I have stopped
all dairy, sugar, white bread, etc. and am taking Essiac herbs and carrot
juice and wheatgrass. I am applying St. Joan's Wort oil on the breast which
does help some, but I still am having really severe pain, and don't know how
to deal with it in a natural way. Any experience with your patients or
suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Tina K

questions about major depression/add/borderline

do you have anyone in the states that dose this kind of work that you could
refer me to? or do you work with such as me and how could i get treated. i
starting to get hopeless cause ive been on meds and dealing with the same
stuff for 12 years plus.


Request for "How to Meditate, Yoga, Meditation" to participate in the online film festival, "Spirit Enlightened"

I am writing to you from Culture Unplugged Studios regarding your film "How
to Meditate, Yoga, Meditation".

We are intrigued by what we have learned about this film so far and we wish
to inquire with you for its participation in the upcoming online film
festival "Spirit Enlightened". This festival aspires to trace the spirit that
has led humanity through centuries and civilizations and is in the making of
our future, to infuse and evolve the individual as well as collective being,
enlightening our species to transcend the present state of being for the

How to get permission to use your website's content?

KAPUSO MO , JESSICA (One in Heart, Jessica Soho) is one of the Philippines ' top-rating primetime News and Public Affairs programs. It is hosted by one of the country's most trusted broadcast journalist, Ms. Jessica Soho. It airs locally and internationally every Saturday 8:30 in the evening.

what are the causes of arthritis?

I commend you on your dedication and informative data. There are so many
theories and treatment suggestions - hopefully one day a real understanding
of body dysfunctions and effective treatment will arrive. Susan, co-author of

Susan Brown

Information on how to order omega 3 fish oil

i will like to order for 1,000 bottles of omega 3 fish oil 1000 mg, 100 counts per bottle ,please let me know the price and shipping cost via post office air mail to=
Adam George
chilexdrujay phamacy ltd.
17, teniola street, ijeshatedo
lagos 23401 , NIGERIA .
I will send you my credit card details for payment as soon as you get back to me with the total amount ,waiting for your mail.
also let me know if you can supply me the below items
1 whey protein powder 2LBS
2 calcium tablets
3 multivitamins tablets
4 selenium 200 mcg5 vitamin C-1000 MG

Natural treatment and medicine for Hepatitis B?

I am affected with hepatitis B in my blood(Eliza count showing 13.08 last
month and 14.2 by this month. Please advice me any treatment or medicine for
this. I had heard of virohep. is it effective and if so where i can get it?

Mini S.

non gmo Haelen

do you sell Haelen 851? I'm looking for one that is non gmo.


Cancer brain tumor

My mother is suffering from brain tumor and we have done suregery and
radiation but tumor is growing to other parts,
I am very worried Please guide about the herbal treatment for her...or please
refer some one who is special in it.


Lung Cancer treatment question

What would you advise to take for lung cancer?


Can't find you books or Page's Post Pit article

I was diagnosed by Dr. Page as posterior pituitary deficient (etc),
subsequently moved abroad and discontinued the protocol. Some 40 years hence
I am thrilled to learn of your work! Might I consult with you long distance
or is there someone in Arizona you could recommend? I look forward to
hearing from you--and getting better! Best wishes...


Linus Pauling heart disease therapy question

My name is Costel and I am from Romania. I was found with CVD, then
miocardial infarct in 2005 and soon after that surgeons operate my heart and
put four bypasses. After six years apears chest pains, extremely weakness and
arithmia. I have read a lot about Puling therapy and I have two question: 1.
the Pauling therapy must taken for the rest of my life? and 2. L-Lysine and
Vitamin C in 3,000 mg each is enough for prevent this simptoms or even cure
Please send me an answer and maybe you can put me in touch with other people
in the same situation.
Sorry for my english.

Image sources for book

I'm an Editorial Assistant at John Wiley & Sons, and one of our authors would
like publish the image found on the following website in his upcoming book:

Could you let me know where this image originally came from so we could
request permission to republish and give the appropriate credit? Thanks.


How to obtain permission to use images on your website?

for my PhD thesis I would like to use one of you images in the image gallery
(The pancreas illustrated, no 10474). Is there any possibilty for me to use
the image as it is and implement it in my thesis?
I would greatly appreciate your reponse.
Yours sincerely,
Verena Grote

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
Division of Cancer Epidemiology
Unit of Nutritional Epidemiology
Im Neuenheimer Feld 581
69120 Heidelberg

help with producing excessive saliva

i have a problem of excessive producing of saliva in my salivary glands that
2 days until now i suffered... can please help me.


Koch Cancer Treatment

I was involved in a project involving the Koch Treatment between 1988 and
1991. I have now written a report on the results of that project. We had
great success. So much so that I am now desperately trying to find a new
source of his Glyoxylide. We were introduced to the treatment by a
practitioner in London, who then died and all other sources have dried up. I
now have a cousin who is dying of liver cancer and i would be overjoyed if i
could help, but without the material, i am stuck. i live in the UK and would
be grateful for any help you can give.



remote neural monitoring

Can you find the implant that they put in me?

George B.

How to get a hold of GreenLife about MMS?

Complaint against Project GreenLife

I am very unhappy with Project GreenLife. I never received the MMS and 50%
Activator I ordered for $33.43. Cannot reach them on the phone (message box
is always full), no response to emails nor to letter I wrote. This company
has no customer service whatsoever. I've contacted the Better Business
Bureau of Reno/Tahoe. Don't know if there's anything you can do about this,
but it's worth a try. Sincerely, John P.

thrtrdm treatment information

i want to know i from australia if i acan order th trdm from you after
reading the aerticle by dr Yanick the protocol for detoxing the liver and
open up the sulpher pathway thank you


informaion and root canal treatment

I NNP RAJU working as Aissistant Executive Engineer ,Polavaram Dam ,and iam a
citizen of Rajahmundry,East Godavari.District.A.P-533289
and coming to the point sir/madam
i got pain on left upper side of the face and felt from the teeth in the year
2006(my age is 30years).
i went to dental care and doctor said teeth had infected and root canal
treatment has to be done.
and continued for several months after the treatment got severe pain.and the
same dentist told that root bone is infected that has to be remooved .

mouth and tongue cancer cures?

I live in Italy, in my family there is a person who has mouth
and tongue cancer in advanced stage(stage four). Do you think ozone
autohemotherapy could help my familiar? In this case how many times a week or
a month is it better to do ozone autohemotherapy? What else can be done for
this type of cancer? Thank you very much for your attention. Good bye. Mario.