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Organic Sulfur and People in the program

I would like to speak with you during your spare time if that is possible.
My numberis 903-960-8731 or if you are available to talk send me your number
and time to call. I am in Peru and my 903 number is a Magic Jack number and
it usually works. Hope to hear from you.

Hogkins Lymphoma question

I recently found out that I have Hogkins Lymphoma. I am 22 years old. I have been told that I will need both chemo and radation. I, personally want to have all the facts when it comes to chemo and other possible treatments. I dont know where to start with research however I did come across this website and I would like to know other possible ways to treat and cure my cancer, what to do, where to go..
Anything information would be great. Please and thankyou.

How to contact Margot Kidder about bipolar disorder?

I would like to contact Margot about her bipolar history and work with her on
her mission concerning mental illness.


Help with schizophrenia

Hi, I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I would like to know what
is the natural way to help myself, or talk to someone in your time that can


Laverian root and kidney disease

I have stage 3 kidney disease and can find no information if using laverian
root as a sleep aid at recommended dosage can effect the kidneys. I read that
laverian root can affect the liver but no info on it's effect on the
kidneys. Can you help ?


How to join organic sulfur study?

I am interested in joining the sulfur study. Please can you let me know what
is involved?

Thank you.


How to get organic sulfur?

Is there a way to order the organic sulfur product from this website. I am
interested in it for my son.


Help for brother with schizophrenia

I have a brother with Schizophrenia I just saw your clip on YouTube … we
are sure that a vaccine caused his Schizophrenia many many years ago…. he
is on Zyprexa, which really worries me… he also has cerebral palsy but
still gets around ok
I was wondering if the book is still available and if you can please give us
some advice on the niacin dosage and other vitamins needed…

Thanks heaps …

organic sulfur question

I started taking organic sulfur for hip pain. My hips were pain free after 1
week. I have children who are ADD and have Asthma. I wanted to know if I
should give the sulfur to them.

GB4000 frequency generator

Is there anyone in San Diego who uses the above machine to treat parasites in
the body?

Thank you for your time.

Finding Fred Lewis

We are looking for Fred Lewis, former owner of Stoney Brook Inn in McCloud,
CA. Former employees Marie Carignan and Faith Winslow Collier want to contact

How to contact Sean Blackwell

I am a mother of an 18 year old daughter who experienced a manic episode with
psychosis end of this past Sept 2011. I can't agree more with everything Sean
answers in the interview with your website. I would very much like to get our
daughter in touch with Sean. She in not on any antidepressants. However she
is taking Lithium. She is presently a freshman (beginning this past February)
at Middlebury College in Vermont. My instincts as her mother are very strong
for her to make contact with Sean. She and our family are caught in a system

Yoga for acne question

I watched your yoga fitness video that is very beneficial for everyone and
also i want to know about acne problem and solutions.


Sauna prices?

My name is Terry Thomas. I would like to know if you have Saunas
Available and i'm looking for expensive and less expensive ones you
have. Could you please let me know the prices that are


Menopause research question

Hello good evening, I'm skolastika meta from Indonesia. I'm doing my thesis
about attitude toward menopause for Indonesian woman. I need Bowles'
menopausal attitude scale, but I don't have much money for buying this
online. Would you like to give me for free? Thank you very much

How to purchase Bovine Cartilage?

I need to find a realible source of Bovine Tracheal cartilage. Please help

would like appointment with dr. Papon

m hoping to reach Dr. Donald Papon. I would like to have him see my
daughter who is affected by hypothyroidism and Goiter and she started taking
the regular drug for it but im not seeing results!! She is 11 yeaars old, we
live in Honduras Central America and i am able to
bring her to a consultation with him!!
I appreciate your attention to this matter, and hope to hear from you soon!!


How to spread the word on dangers of MSG?

I have recently been on a mission to help people become aware of the side
effects of msg and I have also contacted the American Cancer Society and FDA.
Is there anything else I can do to help spread the word?

Pussy Willow won't bloom

I have done research as to why my pussy willow will not bloom and can find
now reason for it. I've had it for two years and each year I have had a
total of 1 bud! Hardly what I had in mind when I bought it. I read your
article on this bush and find that mine is suitably planted and should be
doing well. Did I just buy a dud? Any suggestions would be great. If not,
I'll dig it up and buy another one.



Tapering off Zyprexa 5mg?

My son is on Zyprexa 5 mg and it's affecting his health and making him forget certain things.Can someone please help my son get off this drug that is affecting him.My son was given 2 pills of 800 Motrin for back pain at the local hospital..But i never saw the pills because against my will she popped them in his mouth.My son was 16 yrs old in a few he was feeling unsteady on his feet and felt drugged up.Next day he awoken me from my sleep and told me he felt something going up the right side of his
head and it felt painful and bothersome and could not get any sleep.

Problems with the surgical mesh implants?

I see that your website discusses about women's health, and I was wondering
if you are aware of the problems with the surgical mesh implants. Surgical
mesh is used by doctors on women to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and
stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

If you haven't heard of this, I'd like to share with you an infographic to
help you and your readers get to know more about the implant’s
complications and other side effects that may occur over the years. Our
infographic outlines the tragic mistakes surrounding Surgical Mesh implants

How can one increase testosterone levels to drastic amounts naturally?

I read some vague article that some molecule in spinach can influence testosterone in people after consumption. Some details please?
I also read that cAMP can influence testosterone, is this true?
- If you are prokopton reading this and planning on responding, please answer like a human being and not like a robot (eg. no links), thanks.

Girl with eastern european accent in one of videos?

Does anyone know who the girl is with the slavic accent in the first 2 videos in the schizophrenia research section of this website?

What is your opinion on Proteomics?

does it have a future in healthcare?


Hair loss and aging?

hi there, i am rhealyn, i am 22 and experiencing a mild case of hair loss. i know that hair loss happens only if you get old and you have cancer and undergoing a chemo., but in my case i have been experiencing as early as 20, this really bothers me coz through time small bald spot are becoming apparent. my sister commented that maybe this is because of the shampoo i use or maybe through genes. it would be difficult to trace the problem since i have no how about hair loss. i am thinking of having hair transplant but this procedure is very expensive.

any replies will be appreciated.