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DCA treatment for Bowel Cancer in Australia?

We are in Australia & have not heard of this treatment . My partner is 34 yrd
old male with Bowel cancer which is at Stage 4.
Would this help him and how do I get it ?.
Kind regards

What foods to eat for meditation?

I Love your Videos on Meditation , I have been Maditing for 6 years , IT IS
I wont to eat good foods
Can you helpe me on foods to eat, as i do not like eating meat
Love and light

Adult ADHD and Arthritis, could you give me any tips on where I could find some help?

I'm trying to put together a raw food diet and vitamin supplement regime. I'm 47 years old and I want to finally address my arthritis and ADHD in a manner that makes sense.

Neural links theory

What is neural links left trails and the neighborhoods of military/civilian
were connected to computers? (I am asking because of my mental link with my
computer and the amount of interference with websites that I have been going
to (started at, Msnetwork(all parts), and now


natural treatment for migraine headache?

iam student, i live in china , i have bad migraine headache , every day 30
minute i have migraine headache
i need to tell me which medicine is good for migraine .

iam student, i live in china , i have bad migraine headache , every day 30
minute i have migraine headache
i need to tell me which medicine is good for migraine .

help with black magic

hi i am writing to someone has done black magic on me and i have something
following me where are go so please can you help me removed the black magic
for me please

Help with emotions

Hello I was wondering if you could help me Im feeling very ungrounded and my
brain is all fuzzy like a computer almost and have a consistant ringing in my
ears. I feel emotionless, its horrible xxx

Help for husband on prescription drugs

My husband has been hospitalized for 2 weeks in nyc and is
being medicated against his will with 1-5 mg of risberdal and zyprexa
injections when he creates a problem. He has had delusions on and off for at
least 1 year, he is paranoid, manic and gets angry easily. I would like to
help him in a different way than he is being offered. He is intelligent but
full of traumas. I watched the video on youtube with this doctor taking about
nutrition and i believe it is a key but need some info.

Best regards. Loretta

YouTube video

George Noory Commercial

I heard a commercial on George Noory's Coast 2 Coast radio program for a
natural supplement to increase immunity but I can not locate it on your
website. Can you send me the link.


Colon cancer

My brother has colon cancer and I have read ab ndout vitamin B17 and I want
to know if I can find a store in fresno california where I can get this
vitamine.. Thank you so much.

how to buy "Dissolve" Product

Can you direct me as to where I can purchase the product "Dissolve"

Meditation video

Under your category "modalities" you have a meditation video shown in five
parts. It is called "How to Meditate, Yoga, Meditation" and the name
Trung/Edm is identified with it. Is this available on dvd for purchase? It
is excellent and I would like to give this dvd to some people. Thank you
very much

Total agreement

I totally agree with your philosophy. MY passion is learning about nutrition
and other natural ways to stay healthy. I am a Massage Therapist, who happens
to be 58 years old and I am not on any medications. I had practiced eating
healthy and I share my knowledge with as many people as I can.I also use
therapeutic essential oils as my medicine (YoungLiving is the only brand I

I would like to know how I can get to know more about your and how I can get
Thank you for your work.

Peace and Love,


Hello My Dear,
i strong psychic pleasure of police and DOCTORS came to home te give me
haldol. i read the sides effects of hladol on your page and am worry about
destroying og my health throught haldol is any juridical institution to
protect from those drugs.
AI or HRW or any other institution these is i kosovo and i think that many
more peopel are in these dangerous from this drugs.
Or is nay other preventive to have any effect against haldol

How cancer starts?

I rather like Dr Caldwells explination better as to how cancer starts. Have you heard of Him?

Hepatitis b

sir please tell me the address of dr thaygarajan sir adresses because i am
suffering with hepatitis b

im so happy to have found this site wow

MY TRUTH MY LIFE i share my life with to hope that people understand were i
was to were im today im always a open book full of pages and history!!!!
lessons learned and i spent most of my life locked inside of my mind on so
many prescribed medications from the time i was 10 years old till 3years ago
was told i was bipolar at a very young age i believed the lie and thought

was crazy i really did but deep inside me i knew something else was going on
a more deeper knowledge that would surface over time i went threw great

Laetrile help

Hallo, I`m for Poland and i looking for laetrile for my sick mother.

I searched the Web and i found a polish distributor of this medicament:

Could you tell me is that produce is true? Or maybe you can contact me to

some distributor from Poland, alternately from others countries in Europe.

Thank you for help.

Dawid Tomiak

Ludvigs egnima

I read the case study of patient suffering from Ludvigs egnima,I am suffering
from tooth ache in my lower left molar,I am having pain in the region below
my left jaw predominantly in muscular region just below the tooth,I am having
doubt that this is initial stage of ludvigs egnima,I am taking amoxyllin also
i visited dentist who refered me to oral surgeon,I will be having tooth
removed but i fear for cost of operation as i cant afford high cost,Can i get
some remedy to cure it using any other remedy?

Healing properties of saffron

I red your article on the internet about the healing properties of "saffron" in cancer. I bought the "saffron", but I do not know way to prepare and use it as a medicine for my father.

He is 73 years old, had surgery, but surgeons determined it is not resectable.
Diagnosis: subtotal tumor of stomach. (histology-capillary adenocarcinoma).
I look forward to the healing properties of “saffron”, And if it is not so difficult for you, could you write a detailed method of preparation and method of application.

Thank you very much for advance.

I am waiting for your soonest answer!

use of anatomy diagrams

I was wondering if i can use some of your anatomy diagrams & information
relating to them as part of my teaching material that will be offered to the
public for a reasonable charge. The material requested from you for use will
be only a small fraction of the total course material on a comparitive scale
but will be of great aid.
The main aim of my work is to teach & raise Money for charity i.e money that
will go to the poor, downtrodden & disaster hit areas of a spectrum . A small
proportion of the profit made will go to staff for their input.

some help with cancer

Hi sir

how are you?

I'm zaynab from Baghdad/Iraq

,i work at cancer research center

and now i 'm at research stage to take PhD in biotechnology from al-nahreen
University/college of science

and I'm so interest about molecular biology works especially in micro-RNA
role in cancer

our country we dont have microarray , northern blot or RT-PCR

could you please if not affect on you to work with you in your country and in
your center as research scholar ship

for 6 months and

i will be thank-full for your help or if you could give some idea to me

Banning Dietary Supplements

William H. Depperman

Materialist Analysis of Dietary Supplements and Vaccines with Special
Sections on H5N1 Bird Flu and H1N1 “Swine Flu” and AIDS Biowarfare!

The Obama Regime is Using “Healthcare Reform” and the “Budget Deal”
As its Primary Weapons in an Escalating Economic War of Extermination
Against the American People!

The Campaign to Outlaw Dietary Supplements—Megadoses of Antioxidants
And Herbs, which are Demonstrated in Hundreds of Carefully Controlled
Scientific Studies over Decades to be Beneficial in Cancer, Heart Disease and


I am reading Infinite Mind now and I am definitely interested in past
lifehoods which I believe are holding me back from my creative endeavors. I
have also a very emotional reaction when I think about or read about the
Civil War ( a strong interest of mine). I often cry thinking I (in another
life) hurt one or some others or even worse than that. I when very young drew
a picture of a person hanging on a gallows. I meditate every day for about an
hour which is amazing but I don't know if I myself could access another

Meditation DVD/Video

I have been watching the Introduction to Meditation on YOU TUBE and note that
this web site is connected.
Can you tell me if a DVD is available of this practice as I would like to
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind rgds

natural treatment for multiple sclerosis?

PLEASE CALL 586 731-7096 or cell 850-212-2010.


Purchase mediation DVDs?

Is it possible to get the 1 0f 5. How to Meditate, Yoga, Meditation videos
currently on You Tube Recorded in Spanish. Currently you have the subtitles
in portugese I believe. However if the person is meditating their eyes are

Schizophrenia and niacin

Hi, I believe I am suffering from schizophrenia. I have all the symptoms that
go along with it, like people in the television talking to me and hearing
excessive voices in my head and feeling that other people can hear my
thoughts. I have heard about niacin therapy and was wondering how much I
should be taking to get better, I also suffer from insomnia and major
fatigue. Thanks for your help.

Formulation for preventing and curing early stage common cold

I have developed a formulation using green tea and nutirents to prevent and
cure very early stage common cold which is very safe. i have been testing
this formulation since Winter of 2008. i am looking for a partner to
develop this formulation for commercialization. This product can cure early
stage cold ( one day old cold) can be cured with a few dosage within a day.
if you are interesting, please , write about your self.

Micro Flora?

Can we order micro flora from your company? If so, where? We have searched
the website several times and cannot find the products. Thanks for your time.